Burberry Blaze Bags

No one puts together a runway livestream like the Europeans, and Burberry has set an extremely high bar this season. I kicked off my work week by watching the show yesterday morning, and from the setting to the attendees to the apparel, the entire presentation, from start to finish, gave the fashion world something to talk about. The coats and jackets in particular, for which Burberry is known, shone (literally) as they walked down the runway. I honed in on the accessories, naturally, and not only do we have photos to share, but Burberry is selling these items straight from the runway, right now. Looks like Burberry got the memo – we see it, we like it, we want it right then and there.

The big Burberry bag for their Spring 2013 season is the Burberry Blaze Bag, which comes in a variety of finishes, most notably with see-through colored vinyl with tonal metallic python trim.

I have a problem with this bag, and believe it or not it is not the vinyl finish. The shape of this bag is incredibly hard to wear, and you could see the models even had a bit of a struggle walking with this bag by their side as it would rub against their body with each step they took down the runway. The design of the Blaze bag is wide from front to back which will keep it from being carried in the crook of the arm properly, as it will never hang correctly. Just as the models had to, you will have to carry this bag in your hands, and this simply does not happen much if at all anymore – it makes no sense, design-wise, and defies logic from a practical retail standpoint. Those aren’t the only issues, though: the bag’s price point is extremely high for a hard-to-carry piece made mostly of vinyl. Price is $3,695 for this version via Burberry.

  • VoiceofFashion

    Paddington rip off, is that you? That’s the worst bag I have seen since forever. The name is blaze, so set it on fire already.

  • Sandra

    I actually like it, it may not be functional but it is eye catching. I probably will not purchase this bag….but I think it has the cool factor.

  • Am

    Worth a double-take but overpriced.

  • Am

    If they were smaller, they could double as Christmas tree ornaments.

  • PGB

    except, according to your “managing editor” the bags were a travesty, no?

  • pixiegirlie

    For me Burberry bags have always been hit or miss. They have made some wonder leather bags, not a fan of the coated canvas plaid bags. This bag is a miss for me as much as Iove shiny things I do not like transparent/see though bags. I also do not like the shape of the handles and how they fan out. And I do not see how this bag is worth nearly 4K(after taxes) the price is not justifed in my eyes for what you are getting.

  • XXAL

    reminds me of paddington. the python and vinyl are just horrible together

    • Sol

      Yeah, its like a bad fake of the paddy!

  • Renujean

    I understand it’s Burberry and I actually loved it despite how impractical it is but 3.5k for vinyl I guess they don’t call it luxury goods for no reason and no I am factoring the snakeskin trimmings but I prefer a bag that won’t crack after a cold winter. Also the flaking of the snakeskin cos god forbid if you wanna show it off to your gal pals a few times. Well just my humble middleclass opinion. That being said I’m a sucker for pvc/translucent bags.I would probably ruin my cr card for one of these. But the satin one does cost less…

  • Rachel

    I love it!!!!!! It shouldn’t cost that much since most of the purse is made out of some type of plastic.

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