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  • VoiceofFashion

    Paddington rip off, is that you? That’s the worst bag I have seen since forever. The name is blaze, so set it on fire already.

  • Sandra

    I actually like it, it may not be functional but it is eye catching. I probably will not purchase this bag….but I think it has the cool factor.

  • Am

    Worth a double-take but overpriced.

  • Am

    If they were smaller, they could double as Christmas tree ornaments.

  • PGB

    except, according to your “managing editor” the bags were a travesty, no?

  • pixiegirlie

    For me Burberry bags have always been hit or miss. They have made some wonder leather bags, not a fan of the coated canvas plaid bags. This bag is a miss for me as much as Iove shiny things I do not like transparent/see though bags. I also do not like the shape of the handles and how they fan out. And I do not see how this bag is worth nearly 4K(after taxes) the price is not justifed in my eyes for what you are getting.

  • XXAL

    reminds me of paddington. the python and vinyl are just horrible together

    • Sol

      Yeah, its like a bad fake of the paddy!

  • Renujean

    I understand it’s Burberry and I actually loved it despite how impractical it is but 3.5k for vinyl I guess they don’t call it luxury goods for no reason and no I am factoring the snakeskin trimmings but I prefer a bag that won’t crack after a cold winter. Also the flaking of the snakeskin cos god forbid if you wanna show it off to your gal pals a few times. Well just my humble middleclass opinion. That being said I’m a sucker for pvc/translucent bags.I would probably ruin my cr card for one of these. But the satin one does cost less…

  • Rachel

    I love it!!!!!! It shouldn’t cost that much since most of the purse is made out of some type of plastic.

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