We’ve covered this Bottega Veneta Woven Zip Wallet before, when Megs was considering getting it as a replacement for her LV Zip Around Wallet. As even a cursory glance and click around the blog will confirm that our love for Bottega Veneta has grown epically since Megs penned that post more than a year ago.

But even while the glamour of the brand surrounds us, with their ability to custom-make pieces and their head-turning exotics, it’s important to remember that they still make basics like the Bottega Veneta Woven Zip Wallet, that are, for lack of a better word, gorgeous.

This wallet’s bright sunshine yellow is an example of the company’s intrecciato signature, which combines with a simple color to create a piece that’s so awesome, not to mention buttery soft and durable. So if you have yet to purchase a Bottega, then you and I are in the same boat. Don’t get overwhelmed by their crazy amazing pieces, though! If need be, it’s always good to stick to basics; at least in the beginning! Buy through Bluefly for $504.

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  • spanish moss

    hello, pretty baby. come to mama!

  • Nyzinga

    I own this wallet (in black) and have carried it for almost five years now. I still love it and it has held up beautifully — a tribute to the fine workmanship that is classic BV.

  • Catt

    BV is great, I admit it. I own the orange one. Just a friendly reminer, the leather stripe attached to the zipper will get dirty and shown worn out easily.

  • Welena

    I have it in red, it is wonderful and I love it!!!

  • belgianyen

    I really really love Bottega! Between BV and Chanel, I always go for the former, anytime! Be it a purse, bracelet, belt, passport holder, wallet and clutch. They should include me in their payroll! <3

  • NB

    Oh……this may be my first “NEW” BV. So pretty, practical and in my meager price range.

  • Claire

    I wish it had a carrying strap.

  • Marcia

    I have this wallet in red and a cosmetic bag in purple – I love them both. If I like a new BV color I sometimes buy an accessory instead of putting out big money for a bag. Everything they make is top quality, that’s what I like about them.

  • Store_Specialist
  • shopaholicious

    I finally got my first Bottega Veneta wallet this year. I chose the fold over wallet, which also doubles as a clutch. It’s amazing how accommodating it is. I can fit a iPhone and a BlackBerry in the zippered compartment. Absolutely best buy ever!(ipad)

  • Mousse

    Looks like I’ll be buying this style. Like the idea of fitting my BB inside. (ipad)

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