So, here is a question for you, is there such thing as a handbag that is too big? Like pretty much everything else in this world, everyone has their own unique taste and personal preferences. I totally understand the oversized handbag trend, however, for me, the jury is still out. That is the same issue I find myself pondering with the Bottega Veneta Atene Ayers Bucket Bag. For the most part, I love almost all things Bottega Veneta. But, with this bag, I can’t decide if it is simply just too big.

Now don’t get me wrong, the craftsmanship of the bag is gorgeous. The material used is a buttery goatskin stitched in orgami-like triangular folds and then accented with Ayers trim. The double top handles with a 5″ drop give the bag the option to be carried by hand or on your shoulder (I don’t know how comfortable that big of a bag would feel on my shoulder though). The suede lining is not just classic but actually adds a nice contrast to the goatskin. But, I hate that the bag has no closure! I am sure if I threw my stuff in there, it would stay put, but if I knocked it over (which there is a 99% chance I most certainly would), I hate watching everything spill out. You know what I mean? Maybe it’s my own issue, who knows. So, handbag lovers, is this bag big hit or too big and a miss? Buy through Saks for $3,950.00.

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  • serena

    I bet that it’s just gorgeous in person but for that amount of buck, I would get one of their exotics. The lack of closure would trouble me as well- I drop things all the time and it would be a disaster. How hard is to throw a zip on top?

  • Gorgeous!! Definitely too big, but still gorgeous :)

  • Kendra

    OOOO I love the details! (fb)

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