Monica BotkierLast month Vlad and I had the pleasure of meeting with Monica Botkier at a Saks event. I have been wanting to meet Monica for months now (let’s make that years but I was not sure it would ever happen). This beautiful designer has made a name for herself in the accessory world, having her handbags seen on the arms of countless celebrities, carried in all of the biggest department stores, and coveted by many.

botkier morgan satchel As Vlad and I spent time in NYC last week we realized one major thing: fringe is back for fall! I can not tell you how many designers are incorporating fringe into their Fall 2008 handbag lines. Fringe has been known to look ghastly, as many considered the Prada Fringe Bag to be from early 2007. But when done right, fringe can add the extra dimension that sends your bag into a statement piece that is still wearable and not over-powering.

Botkier Frankie Satchel
Botkier Frankie Satchel

Botkier bags have become a fan favorite in the handbag loving world. As the brand has developed over the past five years Monica Botkier, the designer, has kept true to her fans producing more hip and usable bags each season. Recently there was a release of Botkier shoes, which I look forward to seeing in person. The favorite of mine is still the Sasha (which you all went crazy over).

Botkier Sasha Mini Duffle Bag
Botkier Sasha Mini Duffle Bag

The Botkier Sasha Duffle has been a fan favorite, including with myself. This purse is a practical and chic option for an everyday bag. And after saw mommie Angelina Jolie toting this bag, it became an even bigger hit. But why is it so sought after? That is easy, it is a great design; perfect size, great price, fun shape.

monica botkier During Spring 2008, Botkier will be celebrating their fifth anniversary. Monica Botkier, the designer behind the bags, has experienced great growth and success with her handbag line. Her handbags have caught the attention of handbag lovers world wide, and are carried at stores such as Saks and Neiman Marcus and seen on the arms of countless celebrities. Many of you will remember our fabulous Botkier Sasha Giveaway (which is still one of my favorite bags ever!).

Botkier Large Sasha Duffle Tote
Botkier Large Sasha Duffle Tote

The metallic trend is still here. Personally, I do love the trend to a certain extent. I am not one for carrying a huge metallic bag around, it is just not my style. I opt to bring in metallics in clutches and evening bags, rather than everyday totes. I would, however, consider bringing a metallic bag into my everyday mix if it is fun and more of a bag deal that a bank breaker.

botkier sample sale

What: Botkier Sample Sale

Date: December 6-9th, 2007

Time: Thursday and Friday 10am-7pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am-6pm

Location: 70 Greene Street, between Broome and Spring

Phone number: 646 747 4149

Discount: 50-70% off

Styles: Variety of Fall/Winter styles, as well as one of a kind samples!!
Harley, Cairo, Sophie; Beautiful styles in leather with custom hardware with prices originally $725 now $300, $925 now $400, and $695 now $200.

Botkier Sasha Duffle

A couple months ago Botkier sponsored a giveaway you all, and the reception was amazing! It seems the simplicity behind their Sasha Duffle just fits your lifestyle and wants perfectly. So I kept looking at the bag (keeping the bags for a month during giveaways is TORTURE!), and fell in love also. The Botkier Sasha Duffle converts from a shoulder bag to a tote easily, offering optimal room, and gives a perfect slouch with its Italian lambskin leather.

botkier sasha giveaway banner

This is your last chance to sign up for our Botkier Sasha Giveaway!!

The lovely folks at Botkier have given us the fabulous Botkier Sasha tote in black leather for the month of September! The rules to participate are simple, head over to the Purse Forum, register an account if you already haven’t, and submit your entry to win.

Thanks to the good people at Botkier, we are giving away a chic Botkier Sasha tote in black leather for the month of September! The rules to participate are simple, head over to the Purse Forum, register an account if you already haven’t, and submit your entry to win.

Many thanks to Botkier and also thanks to our resident bag blogger Meggers for modeling the pretty bag on a pretty Sunday afternoon in Columbus.

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