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Now that it actually feels like winter in most of the US, it’s time to think about how in the world you’re going to retain any moisture in your body until April. Luckily (for you), this is a problem I have literally all the time, so I’ve done copious personal research and found some great things that work.


In my mind, New Year’s Eve is the most exciting makeup holiday of the year. It’s a day when sparkle and shine is encouraged in all aesthetic realms, and that means it’s time to pull out all the stops and try one of the intense makeup looks in those YouTube tutorials you always watch.


There are lot of nice things about the holidays (friends and family, gifts, dessert–you know, the usual), but among my favorite is the tacit permission to bring your shiniest self to any and all holiday gatherings straight through into the new year.

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Beauty products make ideal gifts for two reasons: First, they’re inherently a “treat” because the recipient will use them to pamper themselves in some way. Second, they come in an enormous range of prices, so that makes it easy to mark several people off your shopping list in one order.


Concealer has always struck me as one of the trickier cosmetics to buy. It’s doing its job if you don’t notice it’s there at all, which means getting just the right texture and color for the particular job are of paramount importance.


One of the trickiest winter beauty problems I’ve ever encountered is how to keep my lips from turning dry and chapped in the harsh Northeastern weather. It’s a problem I never had when I lived in more humid climates, and over the past four winters, I’ve gone through a lot of trial and error in how to fix it.


Even thought most people think of holiday shopping as a thing that starts the day after Thanksgiving, but retailers push it a little earlier every year. During our daily tours through the Internet’s best online retailers, we’ve noticed awesome beauty gift sets popping up all over the place, and because they’re almost all limited editions that will disappear and often not be restocked, it’s best to go ahead and shop them while they’re around.


Beauty changes with the weather just like clothes and bags do, and over the past couple months, I’ve done a lot of tinkering with my makeup and skincare routines in order to ready myself for the impending cold air and ward off last year’s dry skin, as try some new cosmetics I’ve been curious about.


If you want someone to immediately notice that you’ve done something different with your beauty look, there’s only one way to go: choose a dark, vampy lipstick. Not only is fall a perfect time for deep, rich colors, but with Halloween only a few days away, now’s a perfect time to experiment with something a little bit out of your comfort zone.


I’ve been dreading fall and winter since it was still 95 degrees outside for one very specific reason: my forehead. I’m originally from a warm, very humid climate, and since I moved to NYC in 2011, my forehead has been voicing its discontent with that choice by becoming impossible to effectively moisturize as soon as the first chill sets in.


Although it’s been years since I dressed up for Halloween, I still love the holiday and the pseudo-goth it brings out in so many of us. As always, one of the best ways to subtly (and affordably) celebrate any kind of seasonal look is through little changes in your beauty routine.


There are few rituals I love more in life than rubbing a brand new potion of some sort on my face, and with all the inside time that cooler weather brings (plus all the need for hyperactive moisturizing), now is a great time to start thinking about what you’re going to put on your face while you watch Netflix this winter.

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