Bright Nail Polishes

One of my favorite ways to end a week is to stop for a manicure and pedicure on the way home from work. Something about spending half an hour in a chair, thinking and doing absolutely nothing, just feels like the right way to transition into a weekend.

Memorial Day Sunscreen

Although everyone on the PurseBlog team is obviously a big fan of leather, we’re not such big fans of turning into leather. With that in mind, we thought the Friday before summer’s unofficial kickoff might be the right time to share some of our favorite sunscreen picks for all occasions.

Spring Lip Products

This weekend is probably going to be the most gorgeous and perfect one we have all year in New York City, and I can already feel the color start to seep into my normally dark outfits. A big way that happens for me is through lip color, and with the new season, I find myself wanting to try all kinds of different textures that don’t find their way into my normal repertoire.

Dry Skin Essentials

The first thing that it’s important for you to know about this post is that I have really, really dry skin. I’m 28, and people always say that skin gets drier as you age, so I shudder to think where I’m headed from here.

PurseBlog Beauty Sunless Tanner

I get a sense that a lot of women feel weird about being pale when the weather outside starts to get warm. I don’t ever feel weird about being pale, mostly because I have no idea what it’s like to be not-pale, but, you know, I’m a good listener.

Pastel Nail Polish

I walk through Grand Central Terminal twice a day, five days a week, and during that portion of my commute, I have a weird little opportunity to take stock of what an enormous swath of New York City is wearing. No matter what the weather, almost everyone’s wearing something dark, year-round.

Bright Spring Lipstick

For all the writing I do about style, color and accessorizing, I’m not particularly good at adding anything to my personal wardrobe but black, grey and silver. One notable exception to that rule, though, is lipstick; I rarely buy any lip color that wouldn’t be accurately described as “aggressive,” and I’m a big advocate for pushing outside of one’s makeup comfort zone.

SXSW Travel Beauty Must Haves

24 hours from now, Bea and I will be off to warm, sunny Austin for a long weekend of learning about all things Internet-y at the 2014 South By Southwest Interactive Festival. (We’ll also be eating a lot of tacos, but that’s both irrelevant to this particular post and implied in any statements I ever make about going to Texas.) Unfortunately for all involved, going to SXSW requires both suitcase-packing and air travel, two of the most pernicious and hateful activities known to modern man.

Want It Wednesday Beauty Blowout

At the PurseBlog offices, we are women of diverse interests, but many (most, really) of them have a shopping component. Most fashion people have at least a passing interest in beauty, and that’s definitely true of us. On this Want It Wednesday, we’re here to share the lotions, potions and face spackle that’s been tempting us lately.

PurseBlog Beauty Post Fashion Week Pampering

As you may or may not have picked up on (but probably, because you guys have two eyes and an Internet connection), New York Fashion Week ended a few days ago and we all need a rest. The long weekend helped, of course, but we’ve scoured the Internet to find the best beauty products, balms and potions for reinvigorating and rehydrating our winter-bitten skin, right down to our chapped lips.


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