Beauty items in my Spring Bag

I have a confession: I’m not a big beauty junkie. I always say that if I had a makeup artist come to my home daily, it would be the ultimate luxury. (Throw in a hair person as well–I really need a hair person.) This means my beauty routine is rather simplistic.


If we all got to luxuriate at home all day, it would solve a lot of problems. (It would create some others, sure, but there are Vitamin D supplements for that.) Your makeup would always be fresh, your hair would never fall flat, you’d have time to re-watch the last season of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix before the new one comes out.


As the weather has steadily warmed in New York City, I’ve heard a familiar refrain from my friends: Ugh, my feet are so gross from winter. Ugh, I need to get a pedicure. New York is especially difficult on feet because of all the walking involved in living here, and the task of undoing all the winter’s snow-booted damage can seem daunting.


I like to think of myself as a smart person, usually, but we all have our moments. One of mine was on Sunday, when my friends and I got so excited about the first truly warm, sunny weekend of the season that we went to Prospect Park to people-watch (and dog-watch).


Anyone who’s ever tried to use a box clutch knows that it requires some sacrifices. Your wallet, your sunglasses, your makeup bag, your office keys–things gotta go. If you’re into storing things externally, though, Tom Ford may have a solution, at least for your lipstick.


One of the simplest and best ways to feel brighter, sunnier and renewed for spring is with a bright lip color. Or, at least, that’s what it always feels like in the beginning, when you’re picking out a new shade of lipstick in your favorite beauty department.


When I wrote about pastel spring bags last week, you guys were pretty much in agreement–the colors are just so nice to look at, so clean and feminine. An expensive, ultra-light purchase isn’t the best avenue for everyone, though, especially if you tend to be hard on your bags or wear a lot of black.


If you’ll allow me to brag for a moment, I would like to tell you that I have really good, natural-looking eyebrows. They’re not good in the super-shaded, airbrushed-looking, Instagram makeup artist sort of way; instead, they look like they may have grown out of my face.


Even though it’s still chilly in the mornings (and I wiped out on some black ice on the way to work yesterday morning), there’s no denying it–spring is almost here. Even though sweaters and jackets are still going to be a part of our everyday wardrobes for the next few weeks, there’s one surefire way to bring a little bit of spring sunshine into our outfits immediately: lipstick and lipgloss.


I’ve always had dry skin and hair, so moisturizing is a task that’s been on my mind since approximately the 7th grade. My obsession with it only got more intense when I moved to New York from Atlanta; the winters here are dryer, longer and more punishing than the ones I was used to in my hometown.

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