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There’s a reason I was never the fan of the massively studded bag trend. Those stylish, seemingly innocent studs can be sharp. Sharp in the way that makes you wince a little bit if you have to grab on to a heavy clutch covered with the things. I’m speaking from experience, folks.

But that same reason is why I absolutely adore, not abhor, little clutches covered with conical studs, like this Be&D Studded Zip Around Clutch Wallet. I know, I know, the studs are still like pyramids, but they aren’t sharp. The dull end, my friends, is what matters to the hand. (more…)

Be&D Garbo Shoulder Portfolio Bag

For the past two weeks, every time I turn on the news the top story is the weather. It was 26 degrees in Miami the other day, which is about 50 degrees below average. There was frost on cars. Do you know how confusing it is to live in South Florida and find frost on your car and frozen leaves on your trees? (more…)

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Ever see a bag and know immediately that it’s one that you would use constantly and incorporate into your wardrobe effortlessly? Like its existence is just a little bit of handbag kismet that the Powers That Be most surely intended just for you? A match made in proverbial handbag heaven?

That’s exactly what the Be&D Woodstock Shopper Bag is for me. Surely they didn’t have me in mind when they designed it, but I’m going to satisfy my occasional delusions of grandeur and pretend that they did. And why not? They couldn’t have done any better if they had tried. (more…)

Be and D Trunk Show

Tomorrow I have the pleasure of hosting a Be&D Trunk Show and Personal Appearance in South Miami with one of the founders, Steve Dumain. I met Steve previously and have been looking forward to having the chance to see him again. What better way than to spend time together talking about Be and D bags and meeting people.

If you are in South Florida, stop by. We will be at Capretto Shoes in South Miami from 11 am until 5 pm. Hope to see some of you there!

Be&D Bowery Leather Satchel Without knowing for sure, I am guessing the Be&D Bowery Leather Satchel is in fact named after Bowery which is a street and small neighborhood in the southern part of NYC. I am sure Be and or Steve will confirm. The reason I can 100% tell you that this bag is awesome is because of the leather. The leather on Be&D bags is beyond supple. It is so soft that you will find my oddly caressing my Be&D bag from time to time. Odd but you will see what I mean when you touch their leather.

Be&D is all about the studs, but it is a welcome treat to see a studless bag from them. The Bowery Satchel has a downtown cool feel, most likely the feeling associated with the Bowery District. The front zip pocket is perfect for easy access and there is a magnetic snap closure there. The chain shoulder strap brings a nice touch alongside the double handles. I know this handbag is simple, but sometimes simple is what we all need. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $665.

I have an obsession with soft lambskin leather. Touch is one of our most important senses which comes into play when I shop for handbags. I kid you not, Be&D has some of THE softest leather I have ever felt in my life. I can’t even put into words how soft it truly feels. And then Be&D pairs that leather with rocking studs for a combo that gives you opposite ends of the spectrum which works out magnificently.

I was totally digging the Be&D Garbo Studded Leather Baguette when we recently reviewed the Be&D Garbo line. The baguette is not only a type of bread I love, but is also a fun name for the shape of this bag. There is an optional chain strap with a massive 21.5″ drop. And while I typically take off the chain strap, I loved the chain strap on this bag. Furthermore, you can double the chain strap to wear it as a shoulder bag, or leave it long to wear as a crossbody bag, or go chainless and carry as a clutch. (more…)

Joanna Garcia Be and D Satchel Tonight is the season premiere of Gossip Girl. I am attempting to hold back my extreme excitement over one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Gossip Girl not only brings the drama on screen but it also brings some of the most fashionable style on the characters. The prim and propper Blair Waldorf brought back the headband trend along with structured handbags, while Serena van der Woodsen gives us her edgy laid-back looks.

We have a sneak peak at one of the handbags you will see on the premiere tonight! A new character to the Gossip Girl set, Joanna Garcia is rumored to be the love interest of Nate Archibald. Tonight with the introduction to Joanna Garcia, whose name is Bree on the show, we see her carrying the Be & D Cosette Satchel in Navy. (more…)

Be&D Tower of Garbo

Last fall we had the pleasure to meet with the designers and co-founders behind Be&D, Be Inthavong and Steve Dumain. Be&D reintroduced the Garbo when we were at the press preview and we could not have been more thrilled. In 2004, most handbag designers were sticking to the basics. At this time I was still exploring my love of handbags (this is pre-PurseBlog days). Though many bags continued to look similar, there was a standout that caught my attention. It was studs. Glorious studs on the Be&D Garbo satchel.

Be&D Garbo Satchel in Python    Be&D Garbo Satchel in Python

Be&D Garbo Satchel in Python    Be&D Garbo Satchel in Python

At the time the idea of a studded handbag was foreign. No other designer was doing it and in my mind Be&D was one of the first brands to release a studded handbag. The duo became known for their studs. So while they did follow up with other successes, like the KanKan, the studs were dearly missed. (more…)

Another day, another studded bag. If you’re sick of this trend, wait a month – you’ll be more sick of it. I promise. But as it stands now, I still love it, and I’m still happy to write about it. Studs have not jumped the shark just yet.

And despite my lack of love for shiny gold hardware, and in particular shiny gold studs, I can’t help but enjoy the Be & D Garbo Convertible Tote. Even though it’s over the top and a bit gaudy, the bag just works. (more…)

What a perfect season for Be&D to make a comeback. They first did multitudinous studs years ago, before it was popular and trendy, and then they mysteriously disappeared from the face of the earth for a little while.

Their studded bags really didn’t tickle my fancy back then; they were shiny, smooth, and gold, which is really not my thing. The bags they’ve introduced recently have been much better, though, whether they’re studded or unstudded. I’m having a really difficult time choosing a favorite; my opinion on the matter changes from day to day. But today, it’s the Be&D Cosette Hobo. (more…)

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