I have mostly all kinds of Balenciaga envy right now. And the bag that I am currently not only super envious of but also feeling like I absolutely must track one down myself is a floral Balenciaga bag from S/S08. Seriously, could this bag pair together a more luscious green with the right amount of an oversized floral pattern?

The image was pointed out to me on Twitter and was taken by AJ Mukamal, you know, the other star of Kell on Earth. I’m a big AJ fan, a big Balenciaga fan, and now all I want this Wednesday is this exact Balenciaga bag.

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  • Sigh. I remember these bags. I didn’t truly appreciate them back then, but they were brilliant. Wonder how hard they are to find now…

    • Megs Mahoney Dusil

      I am not sure but I think I may start to hunt one down…

  • Ashley

    Absolutely… LOVELY! I remember this collection… really, this bag… Still love it!

  • msrafa

    do u realize you JUST missed this on ebay for real cheap?


    btw, love this blog, so much better than the other bag blogs.

  • belgianyen

    ohmyglorious!!!! This is way better than LV’s Stephen Sprouse series. :)

  • Flora

    I actually have that same exact bag!! I got it @ Barneys 2 years ago for so cheap!! Didn’t wear it at all this summer but might just take it out of hiding :)

  • Crissi

    gosh this is so cute

  • bisbee

    If you love it I hope you find it…but I’d go with a solid. I think the beauty of a Balenciaga is lost with this print!

  • Cara

    Beautiful bag with such gorgeous striking colours! It looks like it would fit everything in perfectly too!

  • Sonya

    Cute bag and beautiful color combo!!

  • Beth S.

    I’m with Bisbee… Maybe it’s because I’m looking at the pic on my iPhone, but I don’t think this bag showcases what Balenciaga does so beautifully.

  • Brandy

    Ditto to bisbee and Beth S. Thanks to this blog in particular I am definitely a Balenciaga lover.. But what I like about them is the shape, and the color and I am not really a big fan of the print. I would definitely prefer it in a solid..

  • fseoer2010

    I’m with Bisbee… Maybe it’s because I’m looking at the pic on my iPhone, but I don’t think this bag showcases what Balenciaga does so beautifully.

  • Karin bag4bag

    Love the explosion of color on a beautifully styled bag.

  • Lady Chanel

    I have this exact bag!!!!! and still loving it!!!

  • s

    OMG i have never wanted bali as much as i want that bag

  • M

    Does anyone know which collection year was that?

  • Emma G

    I’m not a fan of the floral on a bbag (ipad)

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