Even though the bags started out in black and brown, brights have been a Balenciaga staple since shortly thereafter. Long before it was fashionable, Balenciaga turned out bags in every shade from bubblegum pink to sunflower yellow, and the particularly good colors quickly became tough to find and profitable to flip on sites like eBay. Of them all, this gorgeous apple green from 2005 still looks just as fresh and crisp as it did almost eight years ago. (Gulp.)

  • D

    love your violet Day bag. gorgeous.

  • Kate W.

    Is the Day bag comfortable on your shoulder? I’ve often thought about getting one but whenever I try it on in stores the strap seems like it might dig in a little because the leather can be stiff….

    • louch

      I have a Day in lavande with GSH as well and it is TDF. It doesn’t hurt my shoulder and I have quite a bit in it. It does feel stiff but it’s not a problem. Awesome bag.

  • Donna

    I go back and forth on whether I want a Day bag but this picture may have decided for me. The color is to die for!

  • ab

    oh the holographics, metallics, and pewter!!! i need me one of all in each shape and form and designer! hahah

  • j

    Why are their bags not as directional or cool as their clothes??! Anyone?? I wouldn’t be caught dead carrying one of these!

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