Of course, we’ll start at the beginning: The Balenciaga Flat Brass Classique is the bag that started it all. Images of these bags from back in the day are almost impossible to come by, but here’s a personal photo from one of our Forum members who’s lucky enough to own an original. Another enthusiast (and still-frequent carrier) of the flat brass design? Kate Moss.

  • D

    love your violet Day bag. gorgeous.

  • Kate W.

    Is the Day bag comfortable on your shoulder? I’ve often thought about getting one but whenever I try it on in stores the strap seems like it might dig in a little because the leather can be stiff….

    • louch

      I have a Day in lavande with GSH as well and it is TDF. It doesn’t hurt my shoulder and I have quite a bit in it. It does feel stiff but it’s not a problem. Awesome bag.

  • Donna

    I go back and forth on whether I want a Day bag but this picture may have decided for me. The color is to die for!

  • ab

    oh the holographics, metallics, and pewter!!! i need me one of all in each shape and form and designer! hahah

  • j

    Why are their bags not as directional or cool as their clothes??! Anyone?? I wouldn’t be caught dead carrying one of these!

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