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During a runway show, you don’t expect to see models carrying shopping bags. Despite the fact that women who can afford the clothes that debut at shows like that of Balenciaga Fall 2014 often find themselves carrying shopping bags, most runways try to divorce themselves as much as possible from the drudgery of actually selling clothes, all the way from the performance-art settings to the impracticality of the garments therein. One thing that Balenciaga creative director Alexander Wang is exceptionally good at, though, is moving product, and his Fall 2014 bags are something of an ode to that.

From a distance, it’d be difficult to guess that these bags were anything more than vessels for carrying other very expensive things, but up close, the details come into stark relief, especially on the crocodile versions. The handles, instead of twisted paper or webbing, are fashioned out of super-industrial metal cord, the kind you’d expect to see in a lever-and-pulley situation. Structurally, the bags are faithful to their inspiration, right down to the concave gussets and folded bottoms. Whether or not a bag with such common inspiration can successfully fetch designer prices in large numbers is somewhat questionable, but these are definitely the most luxurious shopping bags I’ve ever seen. (Yes, they even beat out Chanel’s shopping bag purse.)

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  • pe.riche.

    These are lovely! And totally functional for work. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left an important item behind in a rush to get out the door for lunch because I didn’t dig deep enough in my bag.

    I can see using the smaller of the two bags as my purse (cell, keys, wallet, other personal items) and the larger for work items (iPad, notebook, files and so on).

  • Spencer

    I can’t see the handles being comfortable enough to carry for work. Especially for commuters.

  • Chloe

    When I saw Wang’s first collection for Balenciaga, I thought he was going the right direction, but two collections later, there is no focus in his designs and he has yet to create a solid handbag line that stands out to Ghesquière’s Lariat series. I used to anticipate Balenciaga’s whimsy, but now only anticipate disappointments. This collection honestly looks like a bad replica of Ghesquière’s past collections: a true case of hype over talent. I believe brands need to take different approaches and directions to grow, but if Wang does not find his own DNA within Balenciaga soon, he will never step out of Ghesquière’s legacy at the house.

    • Maya


      • whizcheng

        I disagree. Alexander wang’s designs has a certain minimalistic aesthetic to them – and I see a lot of the prisma bag in this. I like the simplicity.

    • Abbi

      The Le Dix(?) bag was nice and refreshing, especially for Balenciaga, but i do see what youre saying-ive never been 100% about Wang at Balenciaga his style just doesnt seem to ‘fit’, if thats the right term, but maybe he’ll surprise us!

  • Denise Doe

    I love it and I want it!

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