Instagram Handbags Up Close and Stylish
  • CKK

    This feature is an excellent idea! I really hope you feature @ec24m as well! Some asian representation would be lovely!

    • Megs Mahoney Dusil

      Yes, we follow @ec24m – she will def be featured!

  • bee

    Up Close and insanely wealthy (just photos of luxury goods not so sure what makes it stylish??)

    • citizenlen

      I agree. Her style is something that every celebrity wear. nothing avant-garde. her bags are the typical hermes, expensive but nothing eccentric or fashion-defying.

      • constance762

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  • TheBagHoarder

    Love her and her style. I think the quality of her pics and the effort she puts into it really pays of. I may not even afford everything she shows, but at least I can admire here collection. One of the best IG accounts purse wise!

    • docemma

      Love her!And the fact that she chooses to remain anonymous is very respectable.

  • Patsy

    Her style is very LA. Most look contrived. I like the individual pieces (clothing) though.

  • C.

    I adore this lady! She mixes elegant pieces and casuals with such a flair!

  • Alena

    The pictures look very well composed and professionally done, of high quality. Love’em! She probably IS a model.

    • Fiona-Brasil

      She is awsome!!!The body, super long legs, the accessories…love her choices!

  • Beth Miller

    Love it all, tons of style and fashion!

  • Kagem

    I love IG handbag celebs!

  • Zezza

    A great viewpoint for style guiding ……… Ooohh lala is all I am saying.

  • babette

    I will add some color to my Bag wardrobe with the Purple and the Green bags, thank you veddy much :)

  • KatieElizabeth

    She really, REALLY loves her Cartier Love bracelets.

  • Susie

    She is one of my favorites.

  • Levi

    The authenticity of her items are questionable…Why hide your face? Incriminating pix???

    • Mya

      Erm, maybe she just chooses to remain anonymous? Why must it have anything to do with the authenticity of her bags?

  • Rashida

    She has impeccable taste!

  • Miriam

    You forgot her GORGEOUS Celine Emerald Croc Box Bag!

  • oooooiioio

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  • Los Angeles Fashion Blog

    I want her closet!! awesome taste in clothes.


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