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It’s Friday, and Friday is exciting for two reasons: Not only do you (probably) not have to go to work tomorrow, and we spent yesterday afternoon scouring the Internet to bring you the Best Bag Deals of the Week, just like we do every week. Because the pickins were a bit slim at the places I usually look for sale bags, I decided to take the plunge into the discount-designer web warehouse that is Yoox. The breadth of the site’s wares can be a bit intimidating for fist-timers, but if you take a few moments and really dig, there are some amazing finds waiting for you.

Because Yoox is Italian-owned, the site does particularly well when it comes to buying up discount merchandise from Milan-based brands like Valentino and Bottega Veneta. The European selection in general is good, with some notable pieces from Dior and McQueen that you don’t often see at a discount, and even a recent-season Celine bag in the mix. There are also a lot of bags in the $150-$400 price range from brands that American consumers might not recognize, but if you’re looking for something in that price range that not everyone else already has, Yoox is a pretty good place to look. Check out the 10 best designer bag deals we found on the site after the jump!

Valentino One-of-a-Kind Satchel, was $1995, now $1325 via Yoox

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  • denton

    I don’t know if that looks more like a baseball or a bad traffic accident. Ouch!

  • Grace

    Yoox can have great bargains sometimes, but do be careful: some of their bags are way over retail, and some are a few years/seasons old already (even up to 5 or 6 years old)

  • disqus_0aMu9m3ts8

    would sombody help me on how to know whether a Gucci bag is authentic or not.. my friend bought one from a preloved shop and she wanted to sell it to me.. however I noticed that there’s a gold Gucci name stamped outside the bag’s outer rim.. this is actually the strange thing for me.. because I have never seen or not common for me as to the authenticity of the stamped. but the stitches, the alignment of serial numbers and the made in Italy thing is fine.. so as the leather… one more thing that I am worried about, there’s already in China that they call it Class 4A, which is also a genuine leather, with serial number and cards.. very fine stitches too.. so it was really hard for me to distinguish it,,
    some answer from anyone is highly appreciated.. Thank you in advance.. :)

  • Annie Turado

    wow!i love the color.

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