I was lucky to be included in a video where I got to share my handbag habit with MyHabit, and today I’m able to help you partake in my designer handbag addiction as well. I put together some of my favorite bags, from Chanel to Prada to Fendi, in a special shopping event just for you. (Ok, and me.)

The video was amazing to shoot, and the event helps take my love of designer handbags to the next level. Make sure you check out some of the bags and accessories I chose in a special MyHabit shopping event selected by me!

Shop the event at MyHabit now!

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  • Lisecta

    I just bought that prada bag in black… love it! I think it will be my go to work bag for the winter.

  • Sarah

    I am a newbie in Prada. May I ask how this model of blue Prada called? Thanks in advance!

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