It doesn’t feel like fall, right? Right. Totally not fall. If we just keep telling ourselves this stuff, over and over, maybe we can prolong the period of time that we get the beautiful, crisp-in-the-morning, warm-in-the-afternoon portions of early fall that are so resplendent. That’ll work, I think. The power of positive thinking! We can harness it! Or, at the very least, it’s Friday and we can harness some bag deals.

We always love it when the sale goes on sale, and that’s exactly what’s happening starting today at the Bloomingdale’s Big Brown Bag Sale. You can take an extra 20% off a great selection of sale merchandise, including tons of handbags – all you have to do is enter code TAKE20 at checkout! Shop quickly, though – this offer, like summer itself, only lasts through September 2.

It’s our last bag deals of summer! (More on the special stuff we have coming up next week a little bit later.) Although the season technically lasts well into September, psychologically, our beach-going stops at Labor Day weekend. Although this is not exactly gangbusters sale season, we still spent a little time gallivanting around the Internet to find you the best handbag markdowns around, and we think this should cover you until we’re back to our normal bag-dealin’ in two Fridays.

Just when your credit cards and bank accounts thought it was safe to come out from their hiding spots under the bed, an off-season sale has come around to scare them away once again., which takes the stunning designer inventories of the best boutiques the world over and makes them available to global consumers online, is giving you 20% off sale prices, and it’s always exciting when the sale goes on sale.

Not only is it the end of the week, but it’s almost the end of summer. Whether you’re celebrating the end of sweating or mourning the advent of coat season, we’ve got the best way for you to do it – with a new bag, preferably one on sale. To that end, we’ve got our weekly installment of the Internet’s best bag deals waiting for you below

After a couple weeks of lull between the hardcore summer sale season and today, we’ve got some fresh markdowns to share with you once again. Many retailers, especially in the contemporary market, have started putting a new wave of deliveries on sale, and we’re here to help you reap the rewards with our weekly Friday installment of the best bag deals on the Internet.

Somehow, it’s August. How is it August, you ask? Well, as I understand it, it has something to do with the rotation of the Earth, and also maybe with the Earth going around the sun, but I’m fuzzy on the details. That only makes the fact that it’s already August seem all the more implausible, but it’s here, and your rent is due, so go ahead and write that check now before you forget.

The heat broke! The heat in New York finally broke. While we’re sitting here writing this, it’s actually quite pleasant outside, maybe even unseasonably cool, and we’re celebrating sweet relief in the same way that we’ve soothed ourselves from the heat in past weeks – with a whole slew of bag deals. Without delay, find below our favorite markdowns that the Internet has to offer.

By now, if you consume any national media in the US at all (or if you’ve read this blog at all this week before today), you’ve probably heard plenty of New York-based people complain that it’s hot. Because it is! It is very hot, and as I understand it, the astronomical rent that we pay to live in this city includes a fee that gives us carte blanche to whine about everything, always, and make the rest of the country listen to it.

It’s too hot and humid outside in New York, it’s been that way for what seems like weeks. It also might rain at any given moment – no one knows, not even the weather people, and it’s been a constant source of wardrobe frustration. You dress for rain and it never comes. You don’t, and then you’re a drowned rat. Right now, the only activity that seems like a safe respite from the heat and dampness is online shopping, which makes it all the more convenient that today is the day that every week, we round up the best sales and bag deals on the Internet.

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