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Sometimes a sale comes along that’s so good that we have a hard time believing it ourselves, and today, dear readers, is one of those wonderful days. The Barneys Warehouse Best Sale Ever somehow lives up to its name with up to an extra 50% off the site’s already very competitive prices on great brands like Givenchy, Chloé and Proenza Schouler.


In just one week it will be the beginning of the biggest shopping season of the year (and the single most important day in American retail, but, like, no pressure), but now, things are a bit quiet on the shopping front.


As you’ve probably noticed (you’re observant!), premier designer brands price the majority of their handbags between $1,500 and $3,000, and a select few even manage to exceed that average range for everyday leather pieces. Those are the bags we most often cover because they’re usually the pieces with the most interesting details and variations, and because of that, they generate the lion’s share of the consumer interest.


Waltzing into a boutique or pulling up your favorite retailer’s website and buying a new bag at full price is great (trust us, we love it), but it’s not the only way. For the huge number of consumers who want to find a good deal, search down a bag they missed in seasons past or find a way to access designs that may not otherwise be readily available to them in their hometowns or online, a new cottage industry has sprung up: designer bag resale sites.


It might be Friday the 13th, but there is nothing to fear in today’s customary, week-ending round of the Internet’s best bag deals. (Okay, there might be something for your credit card to fear, but you’re getting a discount, okay?) You can check them all out below, including two totally gorgeous Proenza Schouler PS1s in great colors for less than $900 each.

You may have noticed us mentioning more sales and coupon codes here and there over the last week or two, and that’s not a coincidence; the fall sale season is beginning to dawn. With options popping up left and right, we took the liberty of compiling everything into an easy-to-shop guide to make sure you get the best deal.

Elizabeth and James Cynnie Nano Shearling Bag

We feature bag deals every Friday finding the best bags marked down on the web. But there are many bags that aren’t on sale, they are just well-priced and designed nicely so we call these a best bet.


We didn’t plan it this way, but sometimes when we’re shopping, trends emerge. If you love red, pink or burgundy (on top of your love of sales, duh), you’re going to love this morning’s round of bag deals.


We’re not such big fans of seeing Christmas decorations in stores in early November, but there’s one type of season creep we can’t help but love: sale season creep. Today we’re excited to tell you about the Shopbop Surprise Sale, which includes up to 40% off a huge selection of in-season merchandise, including nine pages of bags.


You’re probably thinking about Halloween parties and whether or not you have enough candy for trick-or-treaters at the moment, but as always, we’re here to bring your attention back to bags, at least for a little while.


Welcome to Wednesday’s roundup of some of the best designer bag and accessory finds on eBay. We love bringing these to you and hope you find something special to add to your closets. This week, Louis Vuitton, Chloé and Hermès take the spotlight, along with much more.


We’ve reached the end of another work week, and because we here at the PurseBlog offices are firmly in favor of any excuse to treat ourselves, that means we’re here to provide our customary Friday morning roundup of the best designer bag markdowns we found floating around the Internet.

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