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We’re creeping ever closer to full-blown sale season, and that means things are getting a little more unpredictable in our weekly searches for the Internet’s best bag deals. There are always gems to be found, but they’re usually in stock in extremely tiny quantities, so the early bird gets the worm.


After a week visiting my parents, I’m back in the office today and back to my weekly look at the internet’s best in bag deals. We’re inching closer toward sale season, and with that, sites’ discount pages are starting to get ever so slightly more interesting.


Well, we’ve made it. Here’s to another week marked off our calendar and another fun-filled weekend to look forward to. While the sales were scarce this week, we searched the internet high and low to bring you the best-priced bags we could find.

Loeffler Randall Friends and Family Sale

Amanda and I have been longtime fans of Loeffler Randall, a brand that exudes a NYC cool-girl feel. I first met Jessie Randall in 2012 when we did our first feature on her, and my love affair with her designs (ok, and her) have only grown since then.


Hello and welcome. If you’re a veteran PurseBlog reader, feel free to skip ahead to what happens below, with which you are surely well familiar. If you’re new here, allow me to explain. Even though designer sale season happens but twice a year (and neither of those times is right now), discounted designer bags can still be found for those who are willing to dig through the internet’s nooks and crannies.


Look, I’m gonna be up front with you because it’s April Fools’ Day and some of you have probably already been traumatized by something you saw on Facebook this morning: we’re not exactly in the prime portion of handbag sale season right now.


As we bring yet another week to a close, we’ve reached the true doldrums of sale season–I had to look far and wide to come up with our customary list of 15 handbag markdowns worth your attention, but luckily, that’s exactly what I’m paid to sit here and do.


We’ve made it to another Friday, and hopefully not too many of you find yourself suffering the ill effects of the St. Patrick’s Day festivities you may have attended last night. If you’re feeling a little worse for wear this morning (and even if you aren’t), we’ve got a cure for what ails you: another round of 15 designer bag markdowns for your shopping pleasure.


As I type this, I’m sitting in the PurseBlog offices in a pair of shorts and I could not be happier. Spring has sprung in New York this week, and although it has arrived a bit ahead of schedule, I’m here and ready to welcome it.


It’s a bit difficult to believe we’ve come to the end of another week, but here we are yet again to open up another Friday with a round of the Internet’s finest bag deals. Right now is objectively the worst time to be looking for discounted designer bags, but as always, we take that as a challenge.

Prada Double Bag in Tamaris and Pesca

While last year I placed myself on a self-imposed bag shopping ban because we bought a house, this year is a different story. I have this itch to add quite a few bags to my collection and a Prada bag is at the top of my list.


Just because we’re in the throes of fashion month doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our beloved Friday bag deals. In fact, just the opposite: fashion shows always put us in the mood to shop. Even though we’re not currently in sale season, we still managed to find over a dozen gorgeous designer bags that would be worth the money at full price, let alone at the steep discounts you’ll see below.

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