The re-opening of the forum is coming soon, until then, let’s keep shopping! Major sales are happening right now, and Saks just opened up their First Call Sale! They have some cute bags that I wanted before, but now they are marked down which is great. Browse their sale and save as much as 40% off. So if you are going to shop while the forum is down, might as well shop a sale!

nancy gonzalez crocodile tote
Nancy Gonzalez Matte Crocodile Tote: $2,738 | Cole Haan Tote: $248

botkier rose satchel
Botkier Rose Satchel: $487 | Burberry Leather Hobo: $648

kate spade clutch

Kate Spade Clutch: $158 | MARC by Marc Jacobs Embroidered Clutch: $167

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