Bag Deals July 18

By now, if you consume any national media in the US at all (or if you’ve read this blog at all this week before today), you’ve probably heard plenty of New York-based people complain that it’s hot. Because it is! It is very hot, and as I understand it, the astronomical rent that we pay to live in this city includes a fee that gives us carte blanche to whine about everything, always, and make the rest of the country listen to it. Because I was not raised here, though, I feel the need to reward you for listening our whining, and today, I’ll do that with a roundup of the Internet’s best bag deals. Kindly ignore the fact that we do this every Friday anyway.

Beyond just our picks, we also have some other deals to let you in on. Reiss is having a 70% off sale over at their website that you’ll want to check out, plus ongoing sales at Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom. Today is a good day to be looking for indoor activities.

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    love it! its beautiful!

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