eLuxury 30% off Sale

We’re in a recession! And by now, you should have figured out what that means: discounts! And our friends at eLuxury are offering a great one – 30% discount on almost all of the wallets and pouches they carry. Exclusions are as they usually are: LV, Dior, and Dior Homme. Other than that, looks like pretty much everything else is fair game! My mom got a beautiful wallet last time they ran this promo, so if you’re in the market or need a cute wristlet for going out, take a look. 30% is nothing to sneeze at, after all. Shop and save at eLuxury!!!

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  • Zarka

    I wish they would not close shop in June….They are my favorite site for authentic accessories….

  • Julia

    Thanks for the announcement. This recession is generous with the steals! :)

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