Bag Deals Weekend of July 18

This week, the best overall deals to be had are definitely part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that launched to the public today, but there are other great bag deals floating around online as well. I’ve been tracking all the sales, and while most sites have little inventory left, MyHabit always has an array of current must-have designs marked down from retail.

From Fendi to Saint Laurent to Marc by Marc Jacobs, there is a little quirk and a lot of style in this week’s bag deal offerings. Check out our picks after the jump!

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  • Fashionista in the Oven

    I love the pug bag haha! It’s so cute!!!


  • C

    I have to say twice I shopped for designer bags on MyHabit and both experiences were just horrible. The bags arrived in those plastic USPS bags instead of boxes; there was no stuffing or wrapping whatsoever; and the handles/corners/metal feet all showed (heavy) signs of being on display, if not used and returned. I’ll never get my armcandies from this website again. The discount is simply not worth it.

    • Megs Mahoney Dusil

      I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve had really great experiences with them, but it’s unfortunate to hear you haven’t

  • Michelle Antionette Rushton

    That’s not a pug. It’s a Boston Terrier.

  • Michelle Antionette Rushton

    I’ve also had the same experience with myhabit. Horrible site, horrible customer service. I agree 100% not worth the discount.

  • bethcwhitehorn

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