Bag Deals February 14

We’ve reached the end of yet another week in what may be the coldest, most brutal winter of my entire life, and not only is it time for our weekly roundup of bag deals, but it’s Valentine’s Day. All the more reason to treat yourself, we think.

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  • lavinia

    Dear Amanda, I love your posts. This one reminds me that I received as a present two yes two prada bags (original) the same model br4292 black really nice and now I want to sell one of the two (one I take of course) it is home still in the package! Can you give me a little advice where to go for sell it but not ebay? Thanks in advance

    • Courtney Parker

      I know you did not ask me, but you could try a consignment shop or posh mark. Consignment shops will offer you cash or store credit. If you take the store credit they typically offer a bit more seeing as how you will be purchasing something from them. Good luck!

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