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Not only is it July, which is already a slightly monotonous time in the fashion industry, but today’s a summer Friday at the end of a wonky holiday week (in America, at least), which means that there’s almost literally nothing going on, both in our line of work and pretty much any other. It’s a good time for tanning, but not such a good time for trying to be a productive member of the Internet community. So what’s one left to do when nothing else is going on? Online shopping, duh.

Because we like to be service-y, we’ve already done the legwork for you and found the best deals on the most covetable handbags out there. Sale season is drawing to a close, but fret not – there are still plenty of great bags on discount if you’re willing to dig, and because it’s July, they’re usually on second or third markdown. Check out our picks after the jump – almost all of them are at least half off!

Valentino VaVaVoom Crocodile Shoulder Bag, was $11,275, now $4510 via The OUTNET

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  • Birkingirl

     Oh my goodnes these bags are amazing.  My cousin just bought a bag, a 35CM green Birkin with gold hardware from  I checked the site out on the scammed website and it got a 100% trust rating.  Her bag is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Shmata123

    The L’wren Scott one is tempting!

  • Miss K

    Seriously I like sales but  I hate waiting for them. Unless I really must have it now. I usually try to buy them from either or

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