Best Bag Deals of the Week

Y’all, it’s Fashion Week. Have we mentioned that yet? We might have. It might have come up! A lot of you guys probably don’t care, though, and even the ones who do probably still want something to secretly read at work on a Friday morning, right? That’s why, after a big burger and an even bigger nap last night, I fell (almost literally) out of bed to scour the Internet for the Best Bag Deals of the Week in the wee hours and bring them to you.

This roundup includes some well-priced bags marked down even lower, some spendy bags marked down to a point where they might be within reach and one very special bag that’s still quite expensive but so utterly exquisite that I can’t believe someone hasn’t snapped it up at 60% off. In fact, I find it so hard to believe that I’m including the again, even though I already included it a few weeks ago. Grab a cup of coffe and join me after the jump.

Bottega Veneta Duochrome Leather Shoulder Bag, $1825 via Yoox

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  • ReneeO

    I want the Valentino. Wish I had a rainy day jar (big one) full of money so I could buy it!! What an opportunity!

    • Megs Mahoney Dusil

      SAME!!!!!!! So bad!!!

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