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Wow, I can’t believe I just wrote “Weekend of November 1st.” Does anyone know where October went, because I sure don’t. Another end to a hectic week and the only way I see fit to reward ourselves is with another dose of bag deals. The spectrum of choices this week is so wide that something is bound to tickle your fancy. Shop some of our favorite picks below, and we promise there will be no scary bags to choose from here.

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  • kindled

    I know that the flared gussets are in, but the Zac Posen bag would look so much more luxe without them.

    • Elaine Weiss Whitman

      Agreed! I’m getting a little tired of gussets in general. To me, they look like a set of hips that either needs the Stairmaster or a REALLY good girdle!

  • lance

    Never liked the gussets in Celine bags from the beginning. Remind me of Gremlin ears.

  • KoverBag

    I keep my bag collection free from dust with a koverbag they also allow me to carry my bags in any weather.Now personally I think that the Zac Posen bag would definitely look hotter without the gussets.

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