Zagliani Python Clutch Shopping for a bag deal is not always my forte. I attempt, but I end up wandering into the full-priced area and don’t leave there. Once in a blue moon I found a bag that I love and is on sale, it is rare, but it happens. This is precisely what has happened when I popped into the Saks 60% off sale and found the Zagliani Python Clutch. Zagliani is known for their treatment of their skins, injecting it with silicone to produce ultra luxurious and buttery-soft feel. Gold is such a bright color to wear so I love to see it in a clutch and the python skin help the light in any room glisten when it hits this clutch. This is an oversized clutch, 13″W X 8″H X 3″D, which no doubt will accessorize beautifully with many outfits. This is love: marked down substantially from $2,195 to $878.37 at Saks.

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  • lawlynn

    Beautiful golden snake purses.
    I don’t want my girlfriend to wear with animal prints.
    I want to open a shop online that sell Louis Vuitton scarfs. but i
    don’t know whether there are people coming to buy. dear all,
    can you give me some suggestion?

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