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Some nights when I decide my working day is over, I end of browsing online etailers. And then I get shopping. I don’t even realize what I am doing, but with a few clicks all of a sudden, days later, I have 3 packages waiting for me. That happened last night. Postman arrived at our door with 5 packages. WHAT? Vlad found his way to for computer products and I found my way to ShopBop, Tobi, and Victoria’s Secret. Always a treat to forget what you ordered.

Anyhow, ShopBop has an amazing deal going on right now. You can buy any handbag and receive 25% off when you enter ARMCANDY at checkout. Check out the bags we would opt for! Ends tonight at 11:59 p.m..

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  • Odie

    I do the same thing with shoes. My husband made me count my shoes the other night as I was edging him out of more closet space. I had over 104; and that’s not counting the summer shoes I haven’t unpacked yet. It doesn’t feel like that many when you pick out your outfit each day. I told him “Well there are 365 days in a year, so I got room for growth.”

  • Meg

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