If I had a nickel for every post I’ve written about mixing colors and textures over the past year…well, I guess I actually do have a nickel, since I get paid for this. The point is, I’d have a lot of nickels. Not enough to retire, but enough to pay my rent, even though they give me a really hard time when I try to pay it in nickels. I’ll admit, it’s a heavy bag.

Anyway, the trends represented by the Anya Hindmarch Stripy Gracie Mini Shoulder Bag and the Reed Krakoff Kit Python and Leather Shoulder Bag are nothing new – exotics, brights, you guys are all old hat at this. But which do you like better, lots of natural snakeskin with a little bit of color, or lots of color with a little bit of texture? Check out the larger photos and vote in our poll, after the jump.

Anya Hindmarch Stripy Gracie Mini Shoulder Bag, $995 via Net-a-Porter

Reed Krakoff Kit Python and Leather Shoulder Bag, $2700 via Net-a-Porter

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  • dnfl

    first bag reminds me of the canadian flag

  • rose60610

    As much as I like a red/black/white color combination, you have to do it right or you look like a restaurant sign. I’m not crazy about the Anya bag and I don’t much like the other one . I’m all for texture, color and originality, but I’m not fond of these two examples. I’d rather have lots of snake with some color, but the Anya is over-ambitious to me.

  • schrodinger’s cat

    Neither would be my choice, too busy, both of them

  • Marry Lynn

    both ugly

  • J Umm

    dont like either…
    the colours clash horrendously

  • Elyse Greenberg

    the orange + red + pink combo is positively gorgeous

  • Shirley J

    its super pricey but the Reed Krakoff Kit Python and Leather Shoulder Bag is my fave!

  • Nadia

    I love the color blocking combo of the reed, so gorgeous!

  • Mari

    I don’t like Reed Krakoff colorblocking… For some reason, so the Hindenmarch it is for me! Fun combo for sure

  • Sil

    it seems i’m with the minority, but i don’t like the Reed Krakoff bag. i don’t know what isn’t working for me, the shape, the colors, i don’t know
    on the other hand, i find the Anya Hindmarch bag gorgeous! love the shape and the mix of colors

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    The Anya Kindmarch all the way – too beautiful for words.

  • Jennie

    Reed Krakoff wins this one for me. The combo of colors is very fun and just right.

  • camilla

    I really love Anya Hindmarch in general but this time RK wins 100%

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