Jana Matheson
Rita Pinto of Vanity Projects MIA
WIHB Lisa Sugar of Popsugar
WIHB Cheryl Burke
Dorothy Wang
The Many Bags Of Popsugar NYC
The Many Bags of

There are a handful of sites I check on a daily basis, and POPSUGAR has been on that list for a long time. Founded in 2006 by Lisa and Brian Sugar, POPSUGAR collections every bit of lifestyle news and celebrity gossip you need (and then some) on its massive site.

Julia Engel WIHB
TMBO Racked
The Many Bags of

We’ve been running The Many Bags Of features for years, starting with celebrities and their vast collections of handbags. Racked.com is one of the sites I visit daily, and their team’s industry-insider series Working It gave us the idea to investigate what some of our favorite fashion people carry to work.

What's In Her Bag: Jane Seymour
Krupp Group
The Many Bags of

Public relations teams are a major part of the fashion industry and they are the behind-the-scenes masterminds of a brand’s growth and brand-awareness. In this Many Bags Of series we’re turning the spotlight over to our friends over at Krupp Group.

Psssst... Let's Get Purseonal

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