What’s more fun than hot pink? Bounce houses? Too childish. Clowns? Way scary. Following the train wreck that is Britney Spears? Just tragic. So yes, hot pink wins. I recently discovered Begeren’s wonderful handbags thanks to the Purse Forum, and now I can’t get enough!

I’ve been underwhelmed by most of Chloe’s recent handbag creations, both the new ones like the Bay and the countless uglified reincarnations of Phoebe’s designs. For a Chloe enthusiast like me, such a series of disappointments was rather disheartening.

From the new season of Chanel, I present you the Chanel Madison Patent Leather Flap. It comes in an array of colors, including this gorgeous liquid gold. What’s not to love? The quilted flap over the smooth leather of the rest of the bag is an interesting touch, as are the subtle metal chain links gracing the center of the bag.

I love cute bags from lesser-known designers. There’s an exquisite feeling of elitism that comes with carrying an obscure designer, and it usually comes at a lower price than carrying something ostentatious. As a result, I’m always on the lookout for cute bags from new designers.

I’ve decided recently that I need a Derek Lam purse in my collection. That’s right, NEED. I’ve been dreaming of the Hildegard hobo for over a month now, and may soon take the dive, but now the Izzy has come along and ruined everything.

Tracy Reese, who has for many seasons brought us pretty pretty feminine frocks, is now making pretty pretty feminine handbags. I am particularly fond of this one – the Tracy Reese Castilla clutch. The shape is unusual for a clutch – very square and boxy, a neat departure from the usual elongated tube or trapezoid.

I’m really adoring this Zac Posen leather zip satchel. I don’t tend to buy white bags, and if you could see the floor of my dorm room, you’d understand why. The appeal of this bag is just what prevents me from pulling out the plastic for it – it’s beautifully, gorgeously clean!

I stumbled onto R & Y Augousti’s pleasant line of bags at Henri Bendel when I was in New York, and I went home with a mint-green python beauty. Since then, I’ve been tracking R & Y Augousti online with only moderate success.

Yet another incarnation of that Fendi B, this Fendi Leopard B bag looks a bit more leprous than leopard to me. The shape of the bag is kind of weird and evocative of a cyclops to begin with, but that doesn’t bother me as much as the hideous execution of leopard print.

Hey guys, it’s Nerdphanie, aka the Shopping Nerd. I’ll be holding house until Megs is back from gallivanting about Europe, so be good to me! Anyway, feast your eyes on this Bottega Veneta Old Petra anaconda tote bag!

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