We shared a three part series on Gucci Bamboo, including the history of, the making of, and the authority of Gucci Bamboo. It’s easy to see why Gucci Bamboo has secured a place in the accessories world, as the quality and craftsmanship reign supreme and the designs are impeccable.

I’ve been using my Gucci Bamboo Shopper for a few weeks now and it is one of my favorite bags of my entire collection.

We mentioned it earlier in the week, but we’ve been holding in the exciting details of our major giveaway since then. We wanted to celebrate National Handbag Day with a huge handbag giveaway for you, and what better bag than the highly coveted Chanel Boy Flap Bag in classic black with ruthenium hardware. We’ve partnered with one of our favorite sites, The Zoe Report, for this Ultimate It Bag Giveaway.

Tomorrow is National Handbag Day, and the entire PurseBlog team is so thrilled to celebrate with you! We’ve been sharing some of the best stories about handbags with you this week, including the story behind PurseBlog, my bags around the world and a fun post calling out the the best handbag name-checks in musical history.

Today I want to share five bags I would love to carry tomorrow to celebrate my new favorite holiday, National Handbag Day.

It’s been quite the journey for me with PurseBlog, and over the past nine years, I’ve amassed quite the bag collection. I like to travel when I can and I always take a few bags with me on my trips. We thought it would be fun to round up some photos of my bags and the places I’ve taken them on this journey we call life.

I’m a true accessory girl, and while handbags have the top spot in my heart, I love jewelry as well. Classic and beautiful pieces are a staple which can help dress up your look; something high-end can be paired with a piece as simple as a threaded bracelet and still look great together. When Tiffany announced that it would be reintroducing the Tiffany & Co.

The Row Sample Sale Our friends at The Row are taking their relationship with you to the next level by inviting you to their sample sale. The Row has become synonymous with refined luxury, their clothing and accessories alike feature impeccable design elements with a classic style. I can’t wait to see what the sample sale has to offer and if you are a fan, you should check it out to get beautiful pieces at sample sale prices.

Leading up to National Handbag Day on October 10, we want to share our love for handbags with some of the best editorial, photos, and stories, starting today. I’ve told the story of how Vlad and I started PurseBlog.com so many times to so many people, but I’m not sure that we’ve ever shared it with all of you before. Some of you have been here since the beginning and some are newer readers, so in honor of National Handbag Day (which is a holiday because we say it is – we registered it and everything), I want to share the story of how PurseBlog.com and PurseForum.com came into existence.

Very few brands reach the point of iconography, but Gucci has done it beautifully and in more ways than one. This week, our focus surrounds the famous Gucci Bamboo, including its rich history and unique manufacturing process. Just like me, I am sure that when you see a bamboo print or detail anywhere in fashion, your mind immediately returns to the brand that made it an enduring piece of fashion history.

The 90-year legacy of Gucci is filled with a classic sensibility from the early 1920s, and the focus of the brand has always surrounded the master craftsmanship of Tuscan artisans. Gucci prides itself in crafting luxury pieces, and the focus now goes back to the Bamboo line, which dates back to the 1940s. We already shared the history of the Gucci Bamboo bags, and now we have the pleasure of sharing how they’re made.

I was lucky to be included in a video where I got to share my handbag habit with MyHabit, and today I’m able to help you partake in my designer handbag addiction as well. I put together some of my favorite bags, from Chanel to Prada to Fendi, in a special shopping event just for you. (Ok, and me.)

The video was amazing to shoot, and the event helps take my love of designer handbags to the next level.

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