Givenchy Antigona in Black

Back in July, Amanda asked you which popular bag you thought was ready for retirement. It’s personal choice and of course what one person may deem is over another may just be starting to love. There are certain bags however that hit the ‘I’ve got to have this’ wave and ride it for quite sometime and the Givenchy Antigona is one of them.

Coach Rogue Suede

When we first shared news of the Coach Rogue Bag, many of you (myself included) fell for the bag. Under the direction of Stuart Vevers, the designs at Coach have taken on an entire new life: a very approachable and stylish vibe that has countless celebs, fashion stars and, of course, consumers rushing to add the brand’s bags to their collection.

Perfect Pairs Self Portrait Dress Loewe Bag
Perfect Pairs

I’ve been having a thing for pink recently. I always link hues of pink but I’m not one of those girls that deems pink my color. Sure, I have a few pink bags but I don’t own pink coats or pants and am not overly girly in that way.

Tory Burch Perry Tote
Tory Burch

I’ve not been posting much, and it’s because another major change has been going on. As many of you know Vlad and I spend most of our time in South Florida. Zika virus has been impacting the South Florida area with local cases that started to spring up, and while I’m not someone who typically worries much, Zika does worry me since I’m pregnant.

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Chloe Hudson Small Suede Shoulder Bag

When I started PurseBlog over 11 years ago, it was because I absolutely loved bags. I remember how excited I got when I’d get to the mall and go into the Coach store or department store to look at bags.

Kris Jenner Hermes Closet

The entire Kardashian family loves Hermès bags just about as much as any other celebrities I can think of. While Kim loves her Birkins as much as the next Kardashian, Kris, the matriarch of the family constantly carries Hermès bags; recently we did the math to see how much Kris Jenner’s Hermès collection is worth (hint: over $500,000).

20 Products from Nordstrom Sale
Bag Deals

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming to an end, and prices will go back up come August 8th. With only three days left in the sale, I’ve been shopping up a storm. I found a bunch of baby clothes for Baby Girl Dusil and bought plenty of oversized tops that will fit with my maternity jeans as well!

Baby Journey
Real Talk

This is one of those posts that’s hard to know where to begin. What I’m about to delve into is long and personal, with details that may make some of you wonder why I chose to share so much, but people close to me know how open I am.

Bottega Veneta Sample Sale 3
Bottega Veneta

One of the aspects I miss most about living in NYC full-time is the constant access to sample sales. I lived down the street from one of the main sample sale hubs, and sometimes walking home from work or a meeting meant popping into whatever sample sale was currently happening and snagging crazy deals.

Chanel Rainbow Boy Bag

When the Chanel Cruise 2017 Cuba collection debuted, I immediately started to hunt for images of the bags. The usual sites we check for photos didn’t have closeups of the accessories, and I wanted to see what Chanel did for this monumental show–the first of its kind for an international brand in Cuba.

Salvatore Ferragamo Lock Story Paris Bag

I’ve said this many times before, Ferragamo bags deserve more love than they tend to receive. Don’t get me wrong, whenever I talk about Ferragamo most of you share the mutual love, but the subdued elegance of the brand sometimes leaves the bags a little under the radar.

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