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Instagram’s photo-sharing platform allows us to take a glance at some of the most exceptional handbags straight from some of the world’s most elite handbag collectors. We follow these ladies avidly, and we can tell you their collections are breathtaking and mind-boggling, including plenty of exotics bags that we’ve rounded up for your viewing pleasure.


Boot season is slowly creeping up on us and now is the perfect time to start getting ready for the brisk weather coming our way. Next week, the team will be going on our yearly summer break (don’t worry, we’ll still be delivering great stuff to read!), and I’ve already carved out time to start shopping for some new fall pieces.

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Many avid collectors can attest that owning one Chanel is never enough. Once they get their hands on one quilted beauty, it’s hard to stop. Don’t believe me? Head over to the Chanel Family Portrait thread over on our PurseForum and you’ll quickly see what I mean.

Aquazzura Alix Velvet Pump

We already took a close look at Fall 2016’s best velvet bags, and now we’re here to focus on the season’s most coveted velvet footwear. If you think back to the Fall 2016 shows, designers from across the global runways found ways to incorporate this plush material into their footwear.


If you remember Valentino’s Spring 2016 collection, the brand sent bags with African detailing down the runway. The bags were intricate and ornate, and for Fall 2016 the accessories follow suit, but this time with a much different theme in mind.

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We gather a lot of information just be scrolling our Instagram feed. Between our followers and our industry friends, we can easily identify what bags are most-wanted among the social media set. In recent weeks, we’ve a closer look at reigning favorites like Louis Vuitton and Dior, and this week our Instagram feed is telling us that Saint Laurent bags should also be added to the list.

Nancy Gonzalez Butterfly Crocodile Small Clutch Bag
Nancy Gonzalez

We spend ample time informing you of the most anticipated bags of the season and where to find them. If you’re looking for a bag that’s not as easily identifiable, however, we’re here to tell you that Nancy Gonzalez might just solve all of your handbag dilemmas.

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Fendi‘s Bag Bugs are more than just a handbag accessory–they started not just a trend, but an entire category of luxury products. The Bag Bug craze inspired other designers to create their own bag charms, some of which we looked at in great detail earlier this week.

PB Feature

I have an endless array of lipsticks in every shade under the lacquered rainbow, and at one time, not a lip gloss among them–until recently. Lip glosses are the beauty product we all loved back in the day, and the sticky, ultra-shiny goop was once a must-have in the early 2000s.

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After reviewing Pre-Fall 2016’s perfect bag and shoe pairs, it was clear that heavily detailed accessories are having a major moment for Fall 2016. We already took a close look at Christian Louboutin’s embellished Fall 2016 accessories, and now we are turning our attention to the latest crop of ornate footwear.

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What Mansur Gavriel has accomplished in its short time in the handbag market is extremely impressive. The brand rocketed to success quickly after its debut because not only are the designs chic, simple and functional, but their prices aren’t sky-high.

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