I don’t know about you, but I pretty much live for the after Christmas sales each year. I’ve scored Giuseppe Zanotti’s for under $150, last year I got a stellar pair of Prada wedges for under $200.

Is it just me, or is everyone I meet on the planet coveting a Givenchy bag? The Antigona is on Megs, Amanda and our social media guru, Bea’s wishlist. That’s 3 out of 5 PurseBlog employees.


When Amanda mentioned that she and Megs were doing wish lists for PurseBlog and asked me to partake, it was a no brainer. We’ve spent the last two months staring at the best luxury items on the web to prepare for our holiday coverage, along with being fashion fanatics ourselves, so naturally everyone on the team has found themselves coveting a few items we’d really, really like to be surprised with.

Not sure if you got the memo, but today is what’s known as ‘Free Shipping Day’ in the e-commerce world, which means loads of participating merchants are going to send you your packages without those pesky shipping charges.

Pet Gifts

As the sole member of the PurseBlog team with pets of my very own (two dogs), it was only natural that I was nominated to curate our guide filled with the best gifts for the pet lover.

For those of you who have become familiar with my regular notes about sales, bags and the like, you’re probably aware of my undying affection for all things Proenza Schouler. I know I’m not alone, and I wanted to give my fellow PS lovers a heads-up for today’s Belle & Clive sale of Proenza Bags, which launches at 11:30 AM EST, December 7th.

OMG you guys, it feels like it’s been non-stop sales, all day every day. It’s like I can’t even handle all the discounted luxury goodness that’s happening. Well, almost. Today, Bluefly launches their friends and family sale with thousands of items marked down an additional 20-40%.

Today on MYHABIT, head on over and shop the wide variety of handbags the flash sale site is offering at a major discount. Shop brands like Linea Pelle and Gryson in today’s “Handbag Essentials” and “Update the Handbag” boutiques.

Hannukah Gifts

No matter how you spell it – Chanukah, Hanukka or Hanuka – the holiday is fast approaching. I was raised in a Jewish home where we definitely did not celebrate Christmas, and my parents consoled me with the concept that we got eight days of presents and I resigned myself to a lack of Christmas tree.

With all the fabulous sales happening this week that we’ve covered, Gucci’s sale may take the cake. The brand has marked down tons of bags in all shapes, sizes and colors – the selection is MASSIVE!