Ah, Bloomingdale’s. We all have personal relationships with retailers, some of which are deeply rooted into our psyches and filled with good memories; that’s how I feel about Bloomingdale’s. It’s a magical place filled with childhood moments, especially of their unparalleled sales.

Devotion to handbags may be what keeps us coming back to PurseBlog day after day, but many of you ladies also are known to love a seriously good shoe. (BTW, have you met our sister site, TalkShoes?) Nordstrom just launched its Shoe Clearance this morning, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t share the event with our favorite accessory-loving ladies.

Fashion insider favorite Marni is known for an intellectual take on fashion, but let’s be honest, we really just care about the attractive accessories. Today on MYHABIT, shop discount Marni handbags and save on some luxe Italian leather.

The thing about a brand like Chanel is that the accessories are pretty much always covetable. Maybe a style that’s particularly timely might hang out in your closet until the trend cycles back into the mainstream, but ultimately, it’s Chanel.

Kate Spade Surprise Sale

Ladies, if you know me, you know my penchant for Kate Spade. Imagine my delight when I was told to spread word about the Kate Spade Surprise Sale. (Just launched! Skip my rambling and shop it now!) Save up to 75% for 2 days only on select items.

Calling all Antigona lovers! This one’s for you. I counted and I believe there to be more Antigonas for sale in this Givenchy on Rue La La event then any other style. There are certainly a variety of Pandoras and a sprinkling of Nightengales.

Valentino’s diffusion line, Red Valentino, is really lovely. I mean that. With bows, pastels and ladylike details, the Red Valentino manages to capture the elegant, ladylike feel of the main collection, but at a lower price point.

After attending the Festival des Métiers last summer in New York, I had a new appreciation for all that goes into making an Hermes scarf. It’s serious artisan business, folks. The scarves really embody the luxury and exclusivity of the Hermes brand.

Chanel handbags have never been more collectable – the designs are timeless and the quality is near impeccable. The covet-worthy nature of Chanel means that sometimes the secondary market is the only chance to secure a limited edition or seasonal piece from the brand.

Givenchy seems to be the brand that’s on all our minds at PurseBlog HQ. Megs and Amanda each have their favorites that they are considering for their collections and I just recently scored a Givenchy Pandora.

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