Happy Friday Roundup Readers! If you were with us last week, you know we are working our way through the list of Premier Designers and finding super reveals along the way. We wrap up our tour this week, so pack some fabulous luggage and come along!

June! June is here, soon to welcome the official start of summer. While marveling how quickly time is flying this year, we decided to do a bit of flying ourselves this week in the PurseForum Roundup, starting with the letter A (well, technically B – we don’t have an “A” designer!) and sailing through the first half of our Premier Designer forums for quick reveals and news.

We have nearly breezed through spring, PurseForum Roundup fans, and are barreling headlong into summer. This week included a holiday of remembrance that also brought with it lots of shopping. We hope you did the former, and we know many of you did the latter. This week, we found lots of reveals throughout the PurseForum, including some gloriously luxe watches, shoes and, of course, bags.

Another Friday means another PurseForum Roundup of the week’s conversations over at the Forum. This week, we pop into Chanel and Proenza Schouler and stumble into two live reveal threads. We also gave some thought to frugality, found some attention grabbing animals, and lusted over some shoes. We have been very busy.

Well, that was fast! Another week into the year. This week, we visit the Playground for books, music, and travel, among other Playground destinations. We also have some pretty spring bags to share, and we peek inside makeup drawers in the Beauty Bar. All this and more after the jump, so come on in!

We are sailing through May, and it has been a busy week for fashion. Insipired by the Met Gala, we checked in on Givenchy, Dior and Chanel, did some bargain-hunting along with some very focused PurseForum bargain hunters and rounded out the week with some fantastic jewelry. Come on in and see what we have been up to!

Givenchy Antigona Bag with Wood Detail

The Givenchy Antigona is an incredibly popular style, not to mention one that we absolutely love.

Happy May! We hope April showers are bringing plenty of May flowers to your garden. This week, we found some lovely florals in Louis Vuitton, an animal surprise in Mulberry, and a few other pretty springtime reveals throughout the forum. Oh, and some bling too! Come on in!

Happy Friday! Welcome to the PurseForum Roundup of the last week in April, wherein we examine all the recent happenings on the PurseForum. This week, we continued to find signs of spring popping up all over the place. We spotted some incredibly beautiful cashmere in Hermes, located some stylish men, peeked into a box of nail polish and so much more!

[Editor's Note: This is our PurseForum Roundup from Friday, which we chose to wait and publish today because of the events in Boston.]

Friday is here, and that means another PurseForum Roundup! Thank you so much for checking in with us each week. We do our best to provide you with lovely diversions and interesting conversations to close out your week, and some weeks are tougher than others.

Thank Goodness it’s Friday! This week felt pretty hectic to us. Tax Day for our U.S. PurseForum members is right around the corner, and we know you all have done your taxes or filed your extensions and are ready to see what’s been happening this week, right? Let’s relax, kick back and enjoy some instant reveals, interesting conversations, and so much more!

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