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Not only is next week Christmas, but it’s also my 30th birthday. (Yes, unfortunately, my birthday is Christmas Eve.) I’ve been non-stop shopping both for my loved ones and for PurseBlog’s gift guides for the past month, and in that time, I’ve noticed a couple things that I wouldn’t mind receiving for either of next week’s gift-giving occasions.

Bag Deals

We’re still in the thick of sale season, thankfully, and that means there are still scores of lust-worthy bags available at our favorite retailers on steep discount. This week, we’ve carefully selected well over a dozen from some of the most popular brands we cover on PurseBlog, including Givenchy, Valentino, Saint Laurent and Fendi.

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  • Manolo Blahnik BB Printed Pumps
  • Olympia Le Tan Alice in Wonderland
  • Aquazurra Raninbow Suede Sandals
  • Saint Laurent Medium Denim Shoulder Bag
  • Frame Denim Le High Flare High Rise Jeans
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Gift Guides

To paraphrase F. Scott Fitzgerald: the rich are different from you and me. And if they’re super rich, they’re different from even garden-variety wealthy people. For instance, have you ever considered spending five grand on a fork?


There are lot of nice things about the holidays (friends and family, gifts, dessert–you know, the usual), but among my favorite is the tacit permission to bring your shiniest self to any and all holiday gatherings straight through into the new year.

Buzz Worthy

When we talk about a brand’s handbags, we usually talk about how a creative director influences their creation, but that’s not nearly the full story. Brands that make products in multiple categories have layers upon layers of creative management, and although a creative director guides the people below him, it’s often an accessories or leather goods director and the people he or she oversees that are principally responsible for a design house’s big handbag hits and misses.

Celebrity Style

You may remember seeing a portion of Kate Upton‘s impressive (and ever-growing) handbag collection when we profiled her along with a handful of her supermodel compatriots, but it felt like time the blonde bombshell got a The Many Bags of… of her very own.

Alexander Wang

Although Alexander Wang still sells tons of handbags and generates plenty of consumer interest, it’s been a few years since both the brand and the man behind it had a hit bag. That may sound troublesome, but it’s not as bad as it seems; brands don’t need to reinvent the wheel every year because a popular design and the variations that spin off of it are usually enough to sustain a brand’s accessories bottom line for seasons on end, if managed carefully.

Fill In The Blank

It’s hard to know that the worst of winter is still looming ahead when online retailers are starting to flood with spring-appropriate handbags, and the Stella McCartney Flower-Embroidered Bucket Bag is one of many that have caught our eyes.

Clockwise From Top Left: Zero Gravity Storm iPhone 6S Case, $32 via Shopbop | MAC Dark Desires Lipstick Collection, $17 via Macy's | Illesteva Leonard Sunglasses, $180 via Net-a-Porter | Chan Luu Silver Quartz Necklace, $115 via Net-a-Porter | Dr. Martens Black Flora Chelsea Boots, $140 via SSENSE

No one’s taste in handbags happens by accident; brands go to great lengths to create aesthetic worlds in which customers can identify with their creations, and that means that a person’s bag preferences often reveal things about their overall style inclinations.


Believe it or not, I get sick of looking at both Hermès Birkins and Kardashian-Jenners occasionally. Not because I dislike either of them–in fact, I quite like both, and I’m fascinated by both of their pop cultural significance–but simply because I spend a lot of time on the fashion Internet, which is a place both Birkins and Kardashians are somewhat ubiquitous.

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