At the moment, Dior is in a holding pattern. Spring 2016 was Raf Simons’s last season as the brand’s creative director and parent company LVMH has yet to name his replacement; there was a similar gap between Simons’s appointment and the ouster of predecessor John Galliano.

Bag Deals

At this point, we’re basically in a countdown until big sales launch. Retailers don’t give the general public much advance warning, of course, but Memorial Day Weekend is always a pretty reliable time period in which to hope for some deep discounts.

Buzz Worthy

Detecting nascent trends is more art that science. Some bags are everywhere all of a sudden for reasons that don’t have much to do with celebrities or “influencers” (my apologies) objectively liking them, and figuring out whether a bag’s sudden surge in visibility is planned or organic requires a feel for the market.


Customization is a huge accessories trend no matter when it happens. An ever-increasing number of brands offer hot stamping or monogramming to help customers feel like they’re purchasing something special, and shoppers can add anything from furry monster charms to after-market pavé diamond-encrusted hardware to their bags once they’ve swiped their credit cards.

Michael Kors

I know. I KNOW. But hear me out, okay?

MICHAEL Michael Kors has a perception problem, especially when it comes to accessories. Selling expensive handbags is always a bit of a paradox; a brand has to sell enough of them to maintain its bottom line and please investors while still making consumers feel like they are buying something that’s at least a little bit rare and aspirational, and once a brand reaches a certain point of critical mass, the only direction for it to go is down.


Most handbags, even popular ones, match to a certain kind of person with a certain kind of style. Some skew older or younger, or to creative type or those with high-powered office jobs. Bags are functional pieces of design, after all, and different design is appropriate for different people with different kinds of lives.


If you’ve been contemplating a handbag purchase that rivals the price of a ranch home in many parts of suburban America, then we have some timely news to share with you: Heritage Auctions has once again teamed up with Moda Operandi to offer a curated selection of rare, pre-owned Hermès handbags for sale, and this time around, one of them is a Himalayan crocodile Birkin.


It’s hard to believe that Alessandro Michele has only been the creative director at Gucci for about a year and a half. Almost immediately, Michele transformed the brand into one of the buzziest companies in fashion; his first full collection was so successful that Gucci didn’t even need to have a sale at the end of the season.


If you’re a regular PurseBlog reader, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I’m a product junkie of the highest order. (VIB Rouge, even.) You guys are kind enough to occasionally indulge me in my desire to talk about the kinds of face spackle and hair goop I’ve been using lately, and today, I’d like to do just that.

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Bag Deals

As we move toward full-blown sale season, the bags we’re finding in our weekly searches for the Internet’s best bag deals are getting more and more interesting. This fine Friday morning, we have a selection that includes a couple Fendi bags, which can be hard to find at a discount even when markdown season is at its peak, as well as popular styles from Givenchy and Valentino.

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