Paris Fashion Week is, arguably, the most important of every season for bag lovers. A huge proportion of the world’s biggest luxury accessories brands hail from France, and the week is filled with bag-heavy shows that help guide the industry forward, one lust-worthy piece of leather at a time.


If you live in Asia or follow Korean skincare, this will be old news to you, so bear with us: sheet masks are great. Even if your beauty routine is decidedly western, you’ve probably come across a silly Facebook photo of a friend wearing one or a brightly colored display of all the new sheet masks suddenly available at Sephora.

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Do you ever get worried for the health of people who have to go to all four fashion weeks every season? I do. It’s tiring enough to cover the whole circus from the comfort of my own home; I can’t imagine trying to join it and traipse around the globe for a month.

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Winter is starting to ease up in New York City, and it has me looking at everything in my apartment (and especially in my closet) with a critical eye, as it usually does–“spring cleaning” is a real thing.

Fashion Week

In the Rockstud’s relatively short life, it’s been worked and reworked in what seems like a million different ways. Crystals, camouflage, butterflies, stripes, leopard, red studs, black studs, pastel studs: those are just the versions that popped into my head while typing.

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As I type this, I’m sitting in the PurseBlog offices in a pair of shorts and I could not be happier. Spring has sprung in New York this week, and although it has arrived a bit ahead of schedule, I’m here and ready to welcome it.

Fashion Week

Yesterday, someone asked me what I thought about the new crop of Louis Vuitton bags from the brand’s Fall 2016 runway, and the first thing that sprang to mind was, “Well, there’s a lot going on.” I don’t mean that in a bad way (the collection is often excellent), but it also means I don’t know where to start.

Fashion Week

Givenchy very rarely uses handbags on its runways, but I’m glad I checked in on its Fall 2016 runway show just in case. The brand featured just one new bag style in several different crocodile colors, and if Riccardo Tisci is willing to put it front and center on one of Givenchy’s biggest days of the year, you can be that you’re about to see this bag everywhere.


I’ve been covering the accessories industry for long enough that I don’t often look at a collection of handbags from a major brand and wonder who buys them–even if I personally hate it, I can almost always imagine who the consumer for a particular bag would be.


Just when you think Karl Lagerfeld is going to zig, he zags. The legendary creative director has spent half a decade showing his Chanel collections in ever-more-grandiose stage settings in the Grand Palais, ranging from an arctic tundra complete with trucked-in iceberg chunk to a Chanel-themed supermarket filled with branded items that weren’t even part of the collection.

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