If you noticed that Chanel took its handbag prices off its website earlier this week, we now know why: yesterday, Women’s Wear Daily reported that the brand will begin “harmonizing” its global prices on April 8. That means some markets will see significant increases in handbag prices, while others will see big drops.


If you’re familiar with, you know why we get extra excited when the site has a sale: it’s like the official Internet home of The One That Got Away, where you can shop previous-season finds from a huge selection of brands at big discounts.


I don’t fixate much. As you’d imagine, working at PurseBlog involves looking at gorgeous stuff all day long, most of which is for sale, and that’s tougher for some of the team members than others. It’s generally not for me; I have a very specific personal style, and most things simply don’t fit into it, even if I think they’d be beautiful for other people.


“Investment” is a pernicious little word. Marketers and salespeople like to use it to placate customers who balk at prices, especially female customers. Oh, that bag might be expensive, but it’s nice leather! And it’s a functional shape! And a neutral color!


No matter what your budget might be, one thing is probably true: the bags on your wish list cost more than you’d really like to pay for them. Handbag prices just keep going up, and often, it feels like accessibly priced options are few and far between.

Gucci-Free-Shipping-March-2015If you’ve been eyeing a new Gucci bag for spring (and who could blame you?), the deal just got a little bit sweeter. Now through March 31, shoppers at can enjoy free shipping and free returns on any purchase. That makes it easy and hassle-free to check out a few bags; just send back the ones that don’t suit you.


Bag: Kate Spade New York Spring Foward Flowerpot Shoulder Bag

Price: $328 via Saks

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: Friday marks the official change-over to spring, but when we saw this whisical little bag, we couldn’t help wanting to celebrate a few days early.


Paris Fashion Week is always such a pleasure. The clothes, shoes, accessories and beauty looks on display always eclipse nearly everything that came before them during the first three weeks of fashion month; there’s just something about Paris and what it brings out in the creative minds that inhabit it.


Late last week, Women’s Wear Daily reported that Reed Krakoff would suspend operations while in pursuit of new investment to keep the line afloat. While the news itself is a surprise, it’s not shocking that something was up at Krakoff’s company; it’s the third young, well-known brand in the past several months to either partially or completely shut down.


It’s been two weeks since we had a plot-centric episode of Scandal, and honestly, I needed the break. I can only take so much Fitz-Olivia intrigue before I have to sit in silence with a Diet Coke for a while to quell my irritation with Fitz’s entire existence, and it’s nice to go two weeks without the necessity of anti-murderous meditation.

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