When it’s still this cold at the end of March, it’s impossible not to start thinking about travel to places on the globe where we can get some relief. In that sense, the Louis Vuitton The Spirit of Travel Spring 2015 campaign is perfectly timed–who wouldn’t want to look at images of models, beautiful bags in hand, frolicking in front of perfectly turquoise seas in the French West Indes?


It’s that time of the week again–we have sought out the Internet’s best bag deals, and now we have them here for your Friday morning shopping pleasure. This week, we’ve got picks from sought-after brands like Valentino, Chloé and Alexander McQueen; you don’t want to miss out.


No matter whether you’re new to the world of handbags or a longtime lover of high-end accessories, there’s probably a bag you’d love to have that just isn’t in stores anymore. If you’re lucky, you might find it among the huge selection of bags at the specially curated eBay Designer Bag Sale, which is happening now through March 30.


If you’ll allow me to brag for a moment, I would like to tell you that I have really good, natural-looking eyebrows. They’re not good in the super-shaded, airbrushed-looking, Instagram makeup artist sort of way; instead, they look like they may have grown out of my face.


The Internet has changed nearly everything we do in some way or another, and it’s certainly had an effect on fashion brands, the markets they can reach and what they decide to produce as a result. Because its easier to find a niche customer, brands incur less risk and make more specialty pieces than ever, and that results in a ton of non-intuitive products that make their way onto the websites of your favorite retailers.


When it comes to handbags, we all know who the reigning kings and queens of the market are. As much fun as it is to check out new collections from big brands and gush over longtime favorites, we also believe in keeping a watchful eye on what’s next.

farfetch-Free-Shipping-March-2015farfetch.com is the Internet’s easiest way to get bags, shoes, apparel and accessories from the world’s best boutiques delivered directly to your doorstep, and right now, it’s even easier. Now through March 26, farfetch.com is offering free global shipping on any order over $150, no code required.


Bag: See by Chloé Kristen Python Print Shoulder Bag


Why It’s the Bag of the Week: The rich, multicolored python print on this bag can do a little bit of everything–work, play, day, evening. It’ll also disguise wear very well.


I’ve been thinking about handbag life cycles lately, and it occurred to me that most of you likely do not have the space constraints that those of us who live in New York City have. Even in a particularly spacious apartment, storage is at a premium, and that means I can’t keep all the things I might have kept if I still lived in Georgia and had a walk-in closet.


Friday was the first day of spring, and even though it snowed all day in New York City, we pressed on through the weekend anyway, mostly because we didn’t have a choice. That’s all over now, though, and we are determined to start the first full week of the new season on a nice note: with over two dozen bags that positively scream “SPRING!!”

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