During his 16-year tenure at the helm of Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs tended to experiment with prints in a few specific ways; either he went for straightforward takes on the brand’s iconic monogram and Damier patterns, or he brought in an art world titan to shake up the monogram for a limited edition capsule collection.

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We hear the same complaint from you guys a lot: “Ugh, this bag is just trying to be a Birkin.” Sometimes it feels like a fair assessment and other times it feels like the evidence is a little thin, but either way, you guys have picked up on something important–brands really are turning out a lot of (at least vaguely) Birkinesque bags lately.


The handbag market popularity hierarchy is more complex than average fashion fans might assume. At the top, you have the It Bags, which usually reign for several years and attract the most attention. Right below them, there’s another tier of bags that are intensely coveted and wildly successful but not quite “it.” Often, this is the tier It Bags retire to when the waitlists wane, but it’s also where you’ll find many bags that have made it their home–the Saint Laurent Sac de Jours and Givenchy Nightingales of the world.


If I told you that Hermès is offering an $11,500 one-of-a-kind piece that even hardcore Birkin addicts are having trouble justifying, would you believe me? $11,500 is barely more expensive than a baseline leather Birkin, after all–it’s a number that frequent Hermès shoppers wouldn’t be shocked by.

We can't help but kind of love a daffy animal print, and this petite bag is just the right amount of it. Hill & Friends Happy Mini Leopard Bag $1,000 3 Comments Read More

Revamping a brand is no small or simple task, but Coach‘s Stuart Vevers has one important thing on his side: history. Coach is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, and to celebrate, the brand recently launched two capsule collections: Coach Vintage, exclusively at Barneys, and Coach 1941 x Opening Ceremony, exclusively at…well, I bet you can figure that one out.


Chanel’s seasonal handbag and accessories offerings for any given collection are as vast as you’ll find in the designer market; Karl Lagerfeld and the brand’s leather goods designers are prolific. We already gave you a close look at Chanel’s Spring 2016 bags (as well as Pre-Collection Spring 2016, which is totally different!), and now we’ve got the lowdown on the collection’s wallets, pouches and other leather accessories.

Rebecca-Minkoff-Bag-Sale-Gilt-March-2016The sun’s out and it’s starting to warm up, so that means it’s time to start filling your spring wardrobe. If you’re looking for maximum bang for your bag buck, check out Gilt’s Rebecca Minkoff handbag sale, which features prices up to 60% off retail on bags that are perfect for a warm, sunny day. Shop quickly, though–styles are selling out and the whole sale ends March 21.

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We’ve made it to another Friday, and hopefully not too many of you find yourself suffering the ill effects of the St. Patrick’s Day festivities you may have attended last night. If you’re feeling a little worse for wear this morning (and even if you aren’t), we’ve got a cure for what ails you: another round of 15 designer bag markdowns for your shopping pleasure.

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Do you ever sit back and think how lucky we are to have Jennifer Lopez? She sings, she dances, she acts, she shows up on near-constant red carpets looking incredible–what a bounty. Jennifer always has a bunch of projects in the works, which keeps a steady stream of paparazzi images coming, and lately, we’ve noticed even more than normal.


If you’re sick of prints, pricy exotics and weird embellishments and instead just want a nice leather bag you can carry in a lot of situations and seasons, let me point your attention toward Givenchy‘s Summer 2016 bags.

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