We hang out around here all day, every day, but we know that all of you are out there doing your jobs, living your lives and having fun without us. That means that you might have missed some stuff this month, and if you want to catch up on a little reading, we’re here to help you do just that before we flip yet another calendar page.


Good bags don’t come cheap, and with all the price increases that we’ve been cataloging recently, they’re not going to be getting any less expensive any time soon. We know that not all of you (and, quite frankly, all of us) have the budget for a four-figure bag purchase every season, though, so we’ve done some digging into what can be had for less.


If we all got to luxuriate at home all day, it would solve a lot of problems. (It would create some others, sure, but there are Vitamin D supplements for that.) Your makeup would always be fresh, your hair would never fall flat, you’d have time to re-watch the last season of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix before the new one comes out.


When a new season’s collections start to arrive in stores, there are a handful of brands whose pre-orders we always look out for, and Fendi is high on that list. The brand has been on a hot streak over the past few years, and based on the Fendi Pre-Fall 2015 pre-orders that have just popped up at both Bergdorf Goodman and Saks, things aren’t going to cool down any time soon.

Farfetch-free-global-shipping-smallFarfetch.com is among our favorite retailers because it lets us shop boutiques all over the world from the comfort of our own homes, and right now, the deal is even sweeter. Through April 30, you can get free global shipping on any farfetch.com purchase over $160, which means that virtually the entire handbag selection can arrive at your doorstep with no extra charge from literally all over the world.

Heritage-Spring-Luxury-Auction-2The new warmth in the spring air brings excitement in many different ways, and next week marks one of our favorites: the Heritage Auctions Spring Luxury Auction. On May 5 and 6, at New York City’s gorgeous Fletcher-Sinclair Mansion and also online, you can bid on an enormous selection of designer handbags, including limited editions, rare exotics and hard-to-find pieces from previous seasons.


Did you note the disturbance in the atmosphere at the end of last week? If so, I’m pretty sure what you sensed were Pre-Fall 2015 pre-orders slowly opening up across the Internet, including Valentino Pre-Fall 2015 handbags at Neiman Marcus.


Yesterday, we brought you news of some new Monogram Canvas prints that Louis Vuitton is trying out for summer, and now we have some news on the leather front. On Twitter yesterday, the brand unveiled its newest leather design, the Louis Vuitton Volta Bag, alongside its new ad campaign with returning star Michelle Williams.


Bag: Rafe Andromeda Clutch

Price: $498 via Anthropologie

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: Wedding season is upon us, and if you want a special little bag to carry to events all summer long, this is easily the most gorgeous one you’ll find for $500 or less.


What qualifies as “expensive” or “inexpensive” is different for everyone. How much money is too much money to pay for something you want depends on a lot of things, and when it comes to handbags, every person’s perception of a fair price for a particular piece is going to vary widely.

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