We’ve been writing a lot about sales recently (they only come around twice a year, after all), but buying something that’s been marked down isn’t the only way to get a good value. If you shop carefully and know what to look for, you can find lots of bags at full price that look like they cost far more than they do.


Bag: Valentino B-Rockstud Shoulder Bag

Price: $3,375 via

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: Valentino’s ability to find new ways to put studs on traditional, ladylike bag shapes never ceases to impress me. This one doesn’t scream the designer’s name immediately, which is great for anyone weary of Rockstuds.


Your dad or husband might not exactly be a clothes horse, but in my experience, few men are immune to the charms of something nice once they have it. That makes Father’s Day (this Sunday–don’t forget!) the perfect opportunity to shine up someone’s wardrobe a little bit, and because the menswear market has expanded so much over the past few years, there are plenty of ways to do it, from simple and subtle to expensive and grand.


Online retailers have been launching second and third markdowns on their seasonal sales all week, so it’s a great time to be searching out bag deals, as we customarily do every Friday. (Even when it’s not such a great time for sales–we are intrepid.) Below, we’ve got 15 of the best bets you’ll find anywhere on the Internet; you’ll have to shop quickly to snatch them up before they disappear.


Second markdowns are well underway at most sites, but our friends at Barneys are a little bit ahead of the game. They’ve already moved to third markdowns, which means the site’s sale selection is full of incredible deals, including some really beautiful handbags for fractions of their original prices.


At first blush, a luxury accessories brand and a beloved children’s comic make strange bedfellows, but that’s part of the reason the first Coach x Peanuts collaboration sold out so quickly; the unexpected combination was light and fun. It’s always a nice change of pace when fashion doesn’t take itself so seriously, and the second round of Coach x Peanuts bags and accessories, available now, are just as much fun as their popular predecessors.

Matches-Fashion-Second-Markdowns-June-2015Second markdowns just keep popping up, and today, we’ve got an exciting one to share. The MATCHESFASHION.COM Spring Sale is now up to 60% off, and the selection is quite good–if you’ve been plotting a purchase, it’s well worth a look.


I’ve always had dry skin, even as a teenager, and it’s only getting drier as I get older. When you combine that with a particularly long and brutal winter this year, my normal skincare regimen simply wasn’t making a dent in my forehead flakies.


We all have different shopping habits. Some people buy whatever they think they might like and return the things that don’t work out. Others impulse buy on instinct. Still others religiously wait for sales, with the objects of their affections carefully cataloged.


If you, like me, do not live in California, you’re probably not familiar with Craig’s. It’s a West Hollywood restaurant that’s been open for about four years, and in that time, I’d wager that nearly every legitimately famous human in Hollywood (and a bunch who are hoping to be famous in the near future) has had at least one meal there.

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