Scandal Recap Fitz

Let me level with you: Writing Scandal recaps is hard, because how do you even describe what happens in an episode of Scandal in real English words? If we’re being honest, an accurate recap is mostly just grunting noises and lots of eyebrow movements, but that doesn’t make for much of a blog post.


Hermès bags are, without question, the hottest accessories on the re-sale market; they hold their value better than anything else (and usually even appreciate), and their highest-of-the-high price tags mean that they’re worth the time of enormous auction houses that have the resources to source them from collectors all over the world.


Sale season is pretty much through, but you wouldn’t know it from the embarrassment of riches that we found when we set out to find this week’s best bag deals. Not only are a ton sought-after brands represented below, but the bags are great–colorful, fun, many of them appropriate for carrying year-round.


Not long ago, former Spice Girl Melanie Brown, better known as Mel B or Scary Spice, made an appearance in one of our bi-weekly celebrity bag roundups. Several of you seemed particularly happy to see her (and she looked totally great and was carrying a beautiful bag), so we took that as inspiration to delve a bit deeper into the handbags she’s carried over her long career.


This time of year tends to be a great time for shopping but a terrible time for good deals. All of spring’s beautiful, bright new arrivals have popped up on store shelves, but that also means it’ll be a long time before they get marked down.


It’s been a grey, cold, wet, icy, treacherous few days in New York City. The sun has finally come out today, though, and temperatures have risen enough to melt much of the ice, so we’re feeling a little bit bright and cheery today.


Every now and then, our friends at Moda Operandi and Heritage Auctions get together to make some rare, pre-owned Hermès bags and accessories available at a few clicks of a mouse, and now is one of those times. Through February 16, you can shop a tightly edited collection of accessories from the world’s most exclusive handbag brand.


I’ve always had dry skin and hair, so moisturizing is a task that’s been on my mind since approximately the 7th grade. My obsession with it only got more intense when I moved to New York from Atlanta; the winters here are dryer, longer and more punishing than the ones I was used to in my hometown.

Heritage-Auctions-ConsignmentWith spring just around the corner, these chilly winter days are a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time inside, editing your wardrobe. If you have luxury bags lurking around that you’re not using anymore (and we know you do), consigning with Heritage Auctions is the perfect way to ensure you get a fair value for your bags and that they end up in the hands of a buyer who will appreciate them.


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