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I’ve never been a NASCAR fan (or even seen a NASCAR race, for that matter), but I’ve always thought the league’s team jackets, full of advertising patches and competing colors and lots of miscellaneous stuff

the-outnet-clearanceIf you’ve been itching to start your holiday shopping, it’s finally time. Starting today at THE OUTNET, you can get up to 85% off a huge selection of merchandise, including bags from Gucci, Proenza Schouler and Dolce & Gabbana. In addition to what’s available now, THE OUTNET will be adding new pieces on November 21 and taking addition discounts on Black Friday, November 25, and the whole sale runs through November 29. As with all deep-discount situations, you’ll want to shop quickly and set a calendar reminder to check back for more!

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Some trends are impossible to miss or ignore (remember when everything was neon in, like, 2012?), but others are so understated that they might slip right under your radar unless you spend as much time …


As many of you guys have probably noticed by now, I’m something of a beauty product nerd, in addition to being obsessed with bags. Because I know that’s also true for many of you, I …


I’m not sure why, but I find Céline‘s small leather goods sort of…soothing. In the same way that I find walking into Muji soothing: everything looks so neat, simple and functional. I believe it could …


Personalization is a huge trend in high-end fashion, but it can present something of a logistical problem with certain kinds of designer bags. Accessories shoppers are more likely to view their purchases as a long-term …


Even though Hermès will let you buy more handbags on its own website now than ever before, the brand still has no interesting in helping you get your hands on a Birkin or Kelly without …

This design has felt like the perfect roomy, casual day option since its arrival last season, and we're stoked to see it made anew in rich, all-season tan leather. The Row Duplex Hobo $2,650 0 Comments Read More

You can always rely on Chanel to release a bounty of gorgeous new bags and accessories every couple of months, and when it comes time for a cruise collection, you can also expect a gorgeous …

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I wouldn’t call myself a “discount shopper,” exactly (I love expensive stuff too much for that to be true), but I do really hate to pay full price for things I don’t need. (Or, …

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Good morning and happy Friday! We’ve reached the end of yet another week as we inch toward the holiday season, and that means it’s time time for another round of Bag Deals. If you’re itching …


Many luxury brands are secretive when it comes to pricing, availability and selection, but even among the cagey elite of high-end handbags, Goyard is the quietest. The brand, which dates back to mid-19th century France, …

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