Chanel collections of late often have some sort of zeitgeist-y theme (like feminism or mass consumer consumption, for example), but just when you expect a designer like Karl Lagerfeld to zig, he zags. For Fall 2016, Chanel’s bags seem to be mostly inspired by the brand itself and the creation of its clothing.


Last night marked the 68th Annual Emmy Awards, and as you all know, wherever there’s a major red carpet, you’ll also find a bounty of lovely evening bags. That’s exactly what turned up last night, but with one little twist that doesn’t often find its way to awards shows: my favorite bag of the night only costs $39.

Mallet & Co. was launched last season by a former Louis Vuitton accessories designer, and the brand's newest addition is lovely, neutral, functional and very well-priced. Mallet & Co. Basil Shoulder Bag $1,160 5 Comments Read More
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Fashion critics sometimes crow about how we now live in a post-trend world, but I’m not sure that’s entirely correct when it comes to handbags. While it’s true that the market now provides more variety than ever, it’s still possible to find clear commonalities in a seasonal round of accessories, and that was absolutely true of the bags that came down the runway at New York Fashion Week Spring 2017 last week.

Bag Deals

There are very few brands we never, ever see in our weekly roundups of bag deals–usually, if a particular bag is sold at third party retailers, we’ll find it at a discount sooner or later. One of the very few exceptions to that rule was Balenciaga, but lately, we’ve been able to find one here and there.

Mansur Gavriel Spring 2017 Fashion Show Preview
Fashion Week

It may be the brand the bucket bag built, but Mansur Gavriel is expanding. Included in the brand’s Spring 2017 presentation at New York Fashion Week were seven new bag styles, as well as new prints, color combinations and tons of new shoes.


It feels as though it’s been New York Fashion Week for approximately a month and a half, and even though that’s a bit hyperbolic, the event does spill beyond the traditional bounds of a seven-day week to accommodate more shows than any other.


When you think of Christie’s, your first associations are probably with exquisite artwork, fine jewelry, rare antiques and the most exclusive handbags in the world. That impression certainly isn’t wrong (the auction house is legendary for a reason), but at the Christie’s September Handbag and Accessories Online Auction, estimated sale prices on beautiful designer pieces start as low as $300 and range well into the five figures, which means there’s a little something in the sale to upgrade almost any wardrobe.

Coach Spring Summer 2017 Preview

Coach creative director Stuart Vevers might be British, but he embraces classic American culture, especially that of the American West, with very open arms. He’s been mining the Americana aesthetic for Coach 1941’s collections since he arrived several seasons ago, and for Coach 1941’s Spring 2017 collection, Vevers added a touch of a classic American icon: Elvis, whose name and visage appears on several of the bags that are available in very limited quantities to buy immediately via Coach’s website.

TV Show Recaps

After any big event on Real Housewives, there’s always an episode in which all the cast members meet in various small groups in order to discuss what happened, how everyone acted and who the new enemies are.


Fashion people are a dramatic bunch and the industry is full of personalities. Designers leave and arrive at brands, the flock of editors and industry insiders flits from one trend to the next, companies’ literal and figurative stocks rise and fall.

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