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Puma Quilted Sports Bag

I just realized last night while exercising furiously in a 30-head spinning session for 2 hours that we have totally ignored sports bags thus far. How irresponsible of us! I am sure lots of you femmes exercise regularly in one way or another, and how lame would it be to carry your sporting goods in some ol’ stinky backpack if you can do tote it in style? Exactly.

I did some searching and stumbled across the Puma Quilted Sports Bag. Awesome stuff! The dome-shaped quilted, synthetic leather sports bag comes in either shiny white or limelight shades and impresses with its versatility. Gym bag, carry-on for travel or just casual weekender, this spacious bag does it all. A two-way zipper opens the main compartment widely, giving easy access to its innards. The 11″ wide x 8″ deep x 11 1/2″ high sports bag goes for $66 through

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