For the love of me I can not golf. And believe me I have tried. I come from a family of golfers. My dad would golf everyday if he could (I assume once he retires he will).

When Megs discovered this particular piece at Zappos, I got really excited. Living in Germany and Germany happening to host the Soccer World Cup this year, this athletic little number brightened up my day! I’m not going to come here and pretend like I am a true soccer fanatic.

Remember the infamous boom boxes? Oh yes, those were cool. I’m a little late on announcing this bag, but it is too cool to pass up. A few weeks ago at the MacWorld Expo, Lifepod of New York introduced the world a golden metallic bag containing stereo speakers and a subwoofer if it all wasn’t enough.

While we continue to think about that frightful weight loss resolution, let’s think about a yoga bag. I am somewhat forced into low impact exercise after my shoulder surgery, so I figure I better get into yoga a little more.

As the new year approaches, it is inevitable that so many people’s resolutions for 2006 will be losing weight. If you don’t believe me, listen to what Women’s Health has to say:

An estimated 40 percent of Americans promise to lose weight in the New Year; however, almost 90 percent of those who responded to a nationwide survey reported either occasional or no success losing weight.

Long time no action in the athletic department here at the Purse Blog. What a shame, since there is so many sporty & chic, yet tough and indestructible bags for all sorts of exercising. Whether it’d be the daily (or occasional) trip to the gym, or rock climbing on the weekends with the lady friends, hanging off 100 ft drops with one hand on a 1 inch ledge, there is plenty of bags to carry your gear or just look good with your athletic clothes.

When you think about Prada, you probably usually don’t think about it being sport wear. I never did until the first day I walked into my new private school when I was little and saw the kid’s gym shoes were Prada shoes.

How to be a totally trend setting man: buy a man bag and carry and iPod. I’m too late for the invention. Tanner Krolle and oki-ni have collaborated for the first time to produce a special limited edition leather bag with a Mini i-pod holder.

Calling all you trendy men! Humm… small crowd. Let me help all of you men out. Dressing good is ranked highly important for women. It impresses us if you match and can even look stylish while doing it.

This particular bag is not only your everyday companion for trips to the gym, but also comes with a little bit of Asics history. The sports bag gets its name from the shoe that, back in the day, first featured the legendary tiger stripes.

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