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  • banana del rey

    I don’t understand all those hard lined/sided shapes, how is that practical?

  • I’ve never liked his bags to be honest (with the exception with the Pelican satchel) and his brand in general. It’s just looks like DIVIDED from H&M for rich people.

    • cg

      lmao! you just made me crack up. DIVIDED for rich people hahahahaha

  • Jane

    I am so surprised I really like this bags a lot. I think the hard side works best as a clutch. I like the pink color and the X detailing a lot.

  • peiruez

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  • Hope

    They r gorgeous and not for sale yet?

  • Hope

    Does anyone know if they are selling them yet? I can’t find them

  • ricki

    Interested in this pink oversized clutch with X detailing. Where and how much?

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