Alexander Wang Devere Shoulder Bag, $855 via Net-a-Porter

Obviously, we believe in the power of pictures. Our entire business model is based on them, and the right photo actually is worth a thousand words – or, in the case of a high-end handbag, a thousand dollars. Sometimes, though, with some bags, a picture doesn’t tell the entire story. When I finally saw the Alexander Wang Devere Shoulder Bag in person, I realized that perhaps I had judged it too harshly. When looking at it face-to-face, it turns out that I totally love it.

As with most of Alexander Wang‘s product, this bag is designed with a very specific girl in mind. She’s young, urban, interested in design and fashion. She probably wears a lot of black. She sounds a lot like…me. Still, though, I was dubious about this bag in photos. Would that much mirrored patent look cheap? What about the little fur puffs – would they be a step too far?

I’ve seen the bag being carried by others twice in the past two months, and I can confidently say that for the right customers, this design is totally chic. The hard lines and severe material make this futuristic bag look a bit like a stylized space ship, and the little tufts of fur give it just enough softness. Particularly against the pastels trend that spring will bring, a bag like this is just the right thing, if you’re just the right customer. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $855.

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  • Blaine

    I think the girl Alexander Wang had in mind lived in the seventies, listened to Gary Wright, wears a Moonraker white jumpsuit and has attached her white rabbit’s foot keyring to this bag.

  • rose60610

    Minus the fur tassels, I like the bag, even though it looks like it came out of a Star Trek prop room. It’s a little robotic, but would help broaden my collection of bags to become, dare say, “ecclectic”?

  • edoardo

    I love this bag it’s amazing and so chic!

  • elliesaurus

    This bag reminds me of a bird. Does anyone else see it?

    • Chelsea

      Yea I totally see a bird – the fur puffs being its wings. It’s a cute, chubby bird! :)

  • mimi

    It’s a PENGUIN !!

    • Blaine


  • Alia

    I love it in the photo, so I can’t imagine my feelings in person haha.

  • Silversun

    I’ll have to take your word for it! It doesn’t work for me at all in pictures, but I too may well change my mind when seeing it IRL. :)

  • Melissa
    • Blaine

      Hahaha – that’s pretty adorable!

  • mochababe73

    I am not a fan of Alexander Wang’s bags with the exception of one. I doubt that I would change my mind by seeing this one in person. However, I do love the mirrored effect and the fur tassels.
    You are right in saying that Alexander Wang is for a very specific woman. Emphasis on VERY-cool, modern, edgy young woman.

  • J Umm

    looks futuristic, i think its the metallic…

  • Rashida

    That is ugly. Not fashion forward at all. It looks cheap abd costumy. It looks like a metallic penguin! I don’t want to see it in person, sorry!

  • Bag Servant Lenka

    I agree that sometimes seeing the bag in real can make a big difference. But unfortunately it can go both ways. but I have to check this one out.

  • Bag Servant Lenka

    Actually the bag looks a little bit like a bird

  • Alice

    I agree with the above post – it reminds me of a penguin for some reason

  • Shirley J

    I dont like it :/

  • Ritika Sharma
  • If Lady Gaga were a handbag, she’d be this one.

  • turadosapuay

    is this just a drawing?


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