Judith Leiber Strawberry Pillbox

It is not that I am a superfluous spender, though at times I may be. The fact of the matter is I have always had an affinity toward miniatures. Truly, not sure why, but it is a fact. So the Minaudiere’s from Judith Leiber have always been a favorite of mine. I pop on her website or into the department store to see what itsy-bitsy pillbox will show next. Believe it or not I do not have a collection of them yet, which is shocking. Not a very usable piece, and let’s be honest it is not even a practical pillbox, but I love the Judith Leiber Strawberry Pillbox. There is no use other than looking at this Leiber piece as art, a collectible. And I would love a little collection of pillbox collectibles. Is that totally weird or does it seem fitting? Some people buy Lladro’s and I want Judith Leiber pillboxes, running around $600 a pop. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $595.

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  • me

    It’s so pretty just looking at it makes me happy.

  • Rach

    I’m the same way – someday, I plan to graduate to collecting these! They are detailed works of art, IMO. :)

  • Shari

    I LOVE this. I personally have always loved strawberries – both the fruit and strawberry-related decor. This is superb though. So many times you see bags, home decor items, etc. with a little strawberry on it and sometimes it’s done so tacky. But this…well I agree that this is art.

  • hazel

    They are so cute, but I’d never buy them, I can’t imagine using them. They’d just sit there on my shelf looking sparkly, I don’t need that, that’s what my unwearbly high heeled shoe collection is for. -_-

  • Shannon

    soo precious, but i could never imagine spending $600 on it….

  • Naggy

    That’s a really, really ugly strawberry. (ipad)

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