Hermes Hippopotamus Lock

If the handbag Goddesses are listening to me, then they are preparing a Birkin for me this fall. It is finally time I take the plunge, about time, right? The future love of my life, my Hermes Birkin, will of course need to leave Hermes with accessories. I have a collection of Twillys, but I plan on picking the perfect Twilly for my perfect bag. The accessory I love to see the most on Hermes bags are the cadenas (charms). Available in gold plated or silver and palladium plated, the Hermes Hippopotamus Cadena offers a intriguing touch to the handbag it adorns. Lock a cadena on your bags handle to attract even more attention. Buy via Hermes online for $285.

And if Hermes’ Goddesses are listening, please remember that I have been nice this year! :wink:

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  • bargainhunter

    I’m addicted to Hermes! :razz:

  • ad

    ohhh this is just as cute as the elephant cadena that megs have! double,triple,quadraple cuteness :P (fb)

  • Naggy

    Animal-molded-after things do not automatically equal cuteness; there has got to be a lot more to it! (ipad)

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