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  • Amanda

    The Oceane bracelet is gorgeous and I’m not a jewelry girl either! It’s fun to look isn’t it?

  • leens

    indeed beautiful to look at and I would MAYBE consider the alchimie if the price tag lost a “0” ;) – thanks for the eye candy Meg!

    • eli

      Me too–but I it needs to lose 2 “00!” Hehehe :))

  • Leah

    I keep wishing that they had corresponding rings!

  • laura

    Yes, I would definitely buy if I had that much money. solid gold jewelry will always be an investment, even if it’s not from a prestigious brand.

  • Labellaluxe Boutique

    Fabulous jewelry!

  • BRAM

    All I see is a Cartier love bangle, Tiffany lock bangle, Chanel Chain Bracelet, etc… look alike put in one huge piece…hmmm

  • nappy

    serious droolfest going on here in my laptop.. haha

  • Joanna

    Gorgeous pieces.

  • lori

    Oh Hermes…you make me so sad…

  • Celine handbags

    yes beautiful

  • trendy jewelry

    Yeah,I agree with you.Actually all the girls or women love beautiful,they always like to use beautiful jewelry and clothes to dress up themselves.

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